Expanding time

Are you one of the many running around the hamster wheel longing for more time? Always in a loss for it? Never getting enough done on the limited time you have? 

What if you are creating your own lacking by affirming it? What if time would expand for you if you would just believe it could? What if time is a concept and a fantasy that we all have just agreed on? 

I experience sometimes. Time expanding for me. The key for me is always presence. Intense presence. When I'm present with the moment it seems to expand for me. It lasts forever. Isn't that the truth anyway? The present moment will always be right there for you so if more moments, which multiplied will turn into more time, is what you want, all you have to do is be with it. 

Some say that time flies when you're having fun and it stops when you're bored. I say, time expands with presence. When you stop guilt-tripping about all the things you didn't do or worry about the things you won't have time to do, but stay with what is, you will always be provided with the time you need. 

Life happens in the moments. Time is just a concept of moments multiplied. Focus on the essentials. 

With all my love,


The opposite of mindfulness is being caught in your own drama

Are you attracted by drama? Do you create it in your own life or are you drawn to other people's chaos? 

I notice for myself that I sometimes feed on other people's drama (read: the Kardashian family ;)) to distract myself from my own. And sometimes I create it in my own life to distract myself from the presence. 

But I want to be here, no filters. And, it's okay to hide sometimes. Whatever you need, chose consciously where you wander. 

Here and now, everything is as it should. As it needs to be. Everything is okay. The drama is the illusion where my ego go to play sometimes. That's not where I want to rest. Where are you? 

With all my love,