The opposite of mindfulness is being caught in your own drama

Are you attracted by drama? Do you create it in your own life or are you drawn to other people's chaos? 

I notice for myself that I sometimes feed on other people's drama (read: the Kardashian family ;)) to distract myself from my own. And sometimes I create it in my own life to distract myself from the presence. 

But I want to be here, no filters. And, it's okay to hide sometimes. Whatever you need, chose consciously where you wander. 

Here and now, everything is as it should. As it needs to be. Everything is okay. The drama is the illusion where my ego go to play sometimes. That's not where I want to rest. Where are you? 

With all my love,


Fear is love waiting to exhale

I'm so sorry I don't remember where I heard this but I really love it. What if fear is not the opposite to love? What if there is no opposite to love at all? What if love is all there is and sometimes it's just withheld or delayed for whatever reason? What if fear is just love waiting to exhale? 

Life is like the breath; the ugly with the beautiful; the tough parts with the ease; the in- and out. Without our judgements it's all the same. All important. All unimportant. Fear is not the absence of love, but just a block we create when we're blinded by the light, not feeling deserving or too caught up in the worldly drama. 

This thought truly soothes me. I want to stay there. What about you? 

With all my love,