I’m Helena and I’m so happy you’re here! 

I'm a coach, writer, speaker and HR consultant on a mission to help you find your Pure Personal Power. I believe in your potential and I know that you can tap your inner strength when you take full responsibility for your life. Let me show you how!


my story

A few years ago I was getting sick and tired of being sick and tired. I didn’t have much hope for my future. To me, it felt like I had two choices; either I give up all together or I find my own way, an alternative way, back to my power. 

I’m so happy that I made the choice to find my own way. Not only did I get a healthy and vital body back, but, I healed on a much deeper level as well. The life I live today, the power I have access to, and the faith and love around me, all of this is well beyond what I could ever have imagined before. 

I received first diagnosis when I was 12. From then until the age of 30 I had been labelled with 5 more. Doctors started to call me "autoimmune" instead of using the different diagnosis of; ulcerous colitis, celiac disease, autoimmune hepatitis, pyoderma gangrenosum, thrombocytopenia and vasculitis.   

In the spring of 2012 I was starting to get desperate. As I phased out the cortisone from my last disease flare I started getting a lot of diffuse symptoms and was feeling really crappy. There wasn’t one day without a doctor’s appointment, call, test or medical examination.

I learned that there might be a link between my different diagnosis and I started to ask the question Why? Why was I getting worse and worse? Why were the disease flares coming closer and closer apart? Why did I get more and more diagnosis of the autoimmune type? Why did it get worse under stress? Why didn’t I heal from infections? No one could give me any answers.

But there was a voice inside, urging me to keep looking, encouraging me with hope, with clues, with inspiration.


Come here! look a little closer. I’m here for you. This is not it. This is just the beginning. We’ll get through this, together. I promise you there is another way.

A much deeper and more rewarding path that you can take from here. It will all be worth it. But it is up to you now. You decide. Is it worth it? Are you worth it?

I know you are. You don’t have to buy the whole package, just trust me and take the first step. Come on, I know you can do it!


the turning point

The prognosis that my doctors talked about did not ring true to me. Somewhere deep inside I knew there was another way. Maybe it was pure desperation that lead me to this notion, maybe it was divine guidance. But without seeing the path or having any real answers, I decided to follow this intuition I was given and just go for an alternative way, no matter the skepticism from the people around me, including my doctors.  

I decided to take responsibility for my own healing and hired the team that I needed to help me on the path; a functional medicine practitioner, a therapist, a yoga teacher, a coach, a personal trainer, a nutritionist and the best support squad in the world.

Eventually, my body started healing, I could feel it, on a cellular level. But there were other, deeper things, to heal as well. It was like peeling off the layers of an onion. The root causes to my dis ease were more than one layer and much greater than just the physical one. Worthiness, stress management, deep emotional wounds and debilitating thoughts came up along this journey. What started out as a process of physical healing turned into something so much bigger.

Seven years later I celebrate that I haven’t had any relapses or symptoms to any of my so called chronic diseases. I haven’t had to take any cortisone or any other invasive medicine. My digestive system works so much better, I don’t have IBS anymore, my acne disappeared and I don’t get reoccurring headaches, stomach aches or even the winter flu that I used to. I sleep better, my energy levels are much higher and I feel so much more vibrant. But above all, the biggest gain for me has been the healing journey of my soul, the relationship I have with myself today and with other people. The general climate in my mind, the gratitude, my resilience in adversity.


I started blogging about my journey in the spring of 2012 and since then Pure Personal Power has grown to include coaching, teaching, writing and speaking on the topics of personal development and holistic health. I'm on a mission to help others find their path. Check here if any of my services is right for you. Because, healed people, heal people. 

If you want to hear my full story listen to this great episode of Soulfeed with Shannon Algeo, released May 28th 2018. (On the Swedish site you’ll find lots more podcasts in Swedish ;))