Expanding time

Are you one of the many running around the hamster wheel longing for more time? Always in a loss for it? Never getting enough done on the limited time you have? 

What if you are creating your own lacking by affirming it? What if time would expand for you if you would just believe it could? What if time is a concept and a fantasy that we all have just agreed on? 

I experience sometimes. Time expanding for me. The key for me is always presence. Intense presence. When I'm present with the moment it seems to expand for me. It lasts forever. Isn't that the truth anyway? The present moment will always be right there for you so if more moments, which multiplied will turn into more time, is what you want, all you have to do is be with it. 

Some say that time flies when you're having fun and it stops when you're bored. I say, time expands with presence. When you stop guilt-tripping about all the things you didn't do or worry about the things you won't have time to do, but stay with what is, you will always be provided with the time you need. 

Life happens in the moments. Time is just a concept of moments multiplied. Focus on the essentials. 

With all my love,


The signs are all around you

We are constantly being guided. Small signs, nudges, directions and hunches are all around us. Are you awake to notice them or are you waiting for the brick wall to fall until you wake up? 

I believe there are forces in and around us that wants what's best for us and that are constantly guiding us to the next best experience to further our expansion. It starts as a whisper. If we're wise enough to listen we don't need the alarm going off before we react. 

Are you awake? 

With all my love,


Religion or nothing at all?

What do you believe? Sometimes I hear people talking as if there where only two options, either you join one religion and buy everything linked to it, or you don't believe at all. If those where the only two options, I would reluctantly join one of the major religions. But, it's not the only choices you have. I say choice because I truly believe it's a choice we make, cultivate everyday over time, and then, we realize we've built the trust we need to believe. 

The choice you always have is spirituality. No strings attached. A spirituality where you find the answers and guidance inside, not externally. There are plenty of knowledge, insight, inspiration and experience to get from others on the subject, but ultimately, your spirituality is your own. 

I believe religion steams from the same source as everything else, but it's formed by people who wanted a manual for life and by power structures that wanted to control. It's all the same. What if you where allowed to form your own spirituality, by listening in and by leaning to forums and conversations where you can ask the tough questions and get others perspective to inform and inspire you? What if you are always carried through life? What if there's a power greater, that give you all the power you need? 

With all my love,


What do you need in order to heal?

How often do you ask yourself that question? We so often look outside for answers that reside inside. No one else knows you how you do. No one else knows your body better than you. 

Sometimes when I mention this people get scared; No, that's not right, my doctor knows what I need and how to fix this. My therapist knows how to make me feel better. My mum knows what to do. This expert just wrote an article on the subject. 

I'm sorry to break it to you; you can't delegate the responsibility for your own life to anyone else. Sure, doctors, therapists, mums and experts may have more current information on the subject, they may have experience that you don't and they may be particularly wise, but still, the responsibility stays with you. And sometimes, most times, you know what you need. 

Take advice, information and insight from others, and then, ask yourself: What do I need in order to heal? 

With all my love,