Focus for instead of against

We so often put our focus on whatever we don't want. We join groups against. We talk about our problems. We resist where we don't want to be. Sometimes I think we loose track of what we do want in focusing all our attention on what we don't. 

What you focus on grows. 

It's as simple as that. When you focus on what you're against you'll get more of that kind. So what do you want? What are you for? How can you grow whatever you are in favor of? How can you focus all of your attention in the direction of your dreams and all that is working in your life? 

I'm not saying we should grace over whatever is difficult in our lives. When we're in crisis we need to deal. But most of the time we're not in crisis, we're just living our everyday life. Where's your focus on all of these days? For or against? 

With all my love,


Don't let your ego take over

We all have ego. It's neither good or bad, it just is. But we don't want our ego to run the show all together. 

I did a high profile project recently. Right after I felt a sting of disappointment with myself. My ego laser focusing on the details I could have done differently. The things I should or shouldn't have said. So tiring. I realized this was my ego being caught up in a loop, chewing on its favorite chew toy, my performance and perfection. 

So, I deliberately chose to change focus. What was the feedback from the audience? How did my client feel about my delivery? Did I help someone? And foremost, did I do my best from my current circumstances? Was I aligned with my intuition? Was I acting out of love? Genuine appreciation, happy, yes, yes yes, yes. 

Your ego is there and will always be, but practice witnessing it, and, if it's all you learn to do, don't believe every word it says! 

With all my love,


Expanding time

Are you one of the many running around the hamster wheel longing for more time? Always in a loss for it? Never getting enough done on the limited time you have? 

What if you are creating your own lacking by affirming it? What if time would expand for you if you would just believe it could? What if time is a concept and a fantasy that we all have just agreed on? 

I experience sometimes. Time expanding for me. The key for me is always presence. Intense presence. When I'm present with the moment it seems to expand for me. It lasts forever. Isn't that the truth anyway? The present moment will always be right there for you so if more moments, which multiplied will turn into more time, is what you want, all you have to do is be with it. 

Some say that time flies when you're having fun and it stops when you're bored. I say, time expands with presence. When you stop guilt-tripping about all the things you didn't do or worry about the things you won't have time to do, but stay with what is, you will always be provided with the time you need. 

Life happens in the moments. Time is just a concept of moments multiplied. Focus on the essentials. 

With all my love,


See how far you've come!

What goals did you have for your life five years ago that has now become a reality? What dreams did you have for your life growing up? What are all the things you have today that you wished for 10 years ago? 

Remember when you where studying and wished you could go out for lunch without worrying about the money? Or when you where longing for those meaningful relationships that you now have? Where there a time when getting a permanent job was the ultimate goal? Or did you use to long for a symptom free day down the line? 

Whatever you wished for in the past, some dreams will have become a reality in your reality. Are you noticing? Inevitably there will always be things you lack, if you choose to focus on them. But there are more things to be grateful for and appreciative of, always. So many people in this world wish they would have what you have.

Today, celebrate yourself! The things you strive for will still be there, but, for today, see how far you've come! 

With all my love,


Change your expectations for appreciation

Christmas is upon us. So much pressure on only a few days. Things don't always go as planned, or  as we might have wished for. The food taste bad. Someone got sick. There's conflict in the middle of celebrations. The kids are unhappy with their gifts. You feel extra lonely. There's more rain than snow. That annoying relative is more annoying than usual. You have a headache. 

Sorry to be a bummer day before Christmas, but hey, just trying to rid your expectations. Skip them. Trade them for appreciation. That smile on a loved ones face. The piece of chocolate that just melted in your mouth. The lights in the dark. The wonderful smell of childhood memories. A warm hug. The stillness before everyone arrives. That song you love. 

It might all be there, at the same time. You decide where you put your focus. Change your expectations for appreciation.

With all my love,


My stop doing list for November

I read this idea at Danielle Laportes blog just a while ago and I've been pondering what mine would look like. I really love lists and nothing is more satisfying to me than ticking off the box. My task is done! 

But the art of prioritizing asks us to also make conscious choices as to what not to do. Especially when we keep stacking things to do. So, since I just made my activity list for November, and, yes, it's ambitious, here's my stop-doing-list to go with it. 

  • Get lost in social media (no more than 10 minutes three times a day)
  • Comparing myself to other people (this post summarizes it perfectly)
  • Snoozing (I know how much better I feel when I get to my meditation space right away)
  • Trying to help people who don't want my help 
  • Working with people I don't really like 
  • Looking for external validation to my internal progress 
  • Eating with distraction 
  • Trying to change other people 
  • Focusing on the lack in relationships that are tricky (focusing on the good parts will give me more of just that)
  • Getting into action before alignment 

So, there you have it. Ambitious this one as well, but also, so comforting to just read. What does your stop-doing list look like? 

With all my love,


Focus on your circle of influence

We might be able to change the whole world in one full sweep, but we can change a little at a time. Instead of getting frustrated about the state of the world focus on where you have influence. 

Could you help your neighbor or an immigrant close to where you live? Do you have some contacts in your network that would benefit someone else? Is there a charity where you can contribute your money, time or other resources? Is there a discussion that needs to be held where you can take the lead? Do you know someone with a podcast, vlog or blog where you can share your ideas? Are there conversations that you can have in your family to broaden everyones perspective? 

No one can do everything but everyone can do something. We change the world person by person, initiative by initiative and conversation by conversation. Don't ever think that you don't matter! 

With all my love,