Comparison kills creativity

I’ve been questioning myself a lot lately and letting comparison take too big a part in my life. I know it’s a viscous cycle because when I compare I don’t create and when I don’t create I question everything.

Creativity is life force. Creativity brings visions into reality. Creativity is an expression of who we are.

When I don’t create myself I have so much more time to look around at what everyone else is doing and feel less than. When I create I use other people’s creation as fuel for my own.

As humans we’re creative beings. It doesn’t have to look like painting or writing or musical expression. It can look like so much more:

Creating the life that we want to lead, we do that constantly, whether consciously or unconsciously. Creating and developing relationships. Creating a home that we feel good in. Creating a career that fulfills us. Creating food that will nourish us. Creating photos to remember the magical moments by. Creating exercise that makes our bodies happy. Creating a plan for the weekend that feels light and fun. Creating a text to a loved one. It’s all creativity. We’re constantly creating.

You do you. And I’ll do me. And let’s remember that our unique expression is ours to use however we wish to. And if comparison sneaks in, just remember, that there is no competition unless we choose to create it. And if we do believe that we’re here to create our own life purpose, use others to be inspired and yourself to create whatever your heart desires.

Note to self.

With all my love,