Choose your thoughts

Have you ever been to one of those sushi restaurants where the plates with sushi circle around and you pick the ones you like as they pass you by? I think that’s a great metaphor for our thoughts and the ability to choose the ones we like.

We are not our thoughts. We have thoughts. We don’t have to believe in our thoughts. We can observe them without being absorbed by them.

As we learn to witness our obsessive thinking, by meditation or other practices like it, we realize that we can choose which ones to hold on to or follow. Think of the sushi restaurant, letting the yucky sushis pass you by and only picking up the ones you really like.

Yet, most people keep picking the sushi they really don’t like = the thoughts they don’t like. Most of the time, not even realizing they have a choice. If this is you, I’m here to tell you, you have a choice. Create a daily practice of observing your thoughts and you’ll soon discover the miracle of choice of thought.

With all my love,