When you take nothing for granted you'll grow a grateful heart

I always include gratitude in all my talks, workshops and podcast interviews. Because, it’s magic. When you live with a grateful heart you’re not only a happier person, you’re also a magnet for more things to be grateful for.

It’s one of those things you need to experience for yourself before you can truly understand the value of bringing gratitude into your everyday life. And anyone who has tested it out in their life will testify to its power.

So, I bring it up, over and over again, any opportunity I get, because, I want more magic in our world and I want for you to experience it. And when I do talk about it, those who haven’t experienced the magic of the practice, ask for examples.

Here’s some from top of mind right now;

I’m grateful for the person harvesting the coffee beans for my morning coffee

I’m grateful for the earplugs that allows me to listen to music without disturbing the people around me

I’m grateful for the quality of air going into my lungs right now

I’m grateful for my fingers getting what my mind is telling them to do

I’m grateful for new leafs growing on the trees every spring after they have fallen in autumn

I’m grateful for the freedom I’ve created in my business and life

I’m grateful for faith in my heart

And when I make examples like these sometimes I get the comment; “But most of those things are just normal stuff that we all have. They’re not special enough.” To the first statement; true, there are a lot of things we all have and that might be considered “normal”. To the second statement; false, they are enough. Because what if coffee, music, air, fingers, leafs, freedom and faith where all taken away from you, wouldn’t you miss it?

When you take nothing for granted you’ll grow a grateful heart.

Billions of people on this earth today would do anything to have what you have. It doesn’t mean that you need to feel bad for having it. It means you shouldn’t take it for granted.

When you live with a grateful heart you’re not only a happier person, you’re also a magnet for more things to be grateful for.

With all my love,


Join the gratitude challenge

New year, new you or new month, fresh start. Whatever, it’s only a week left of March and I think it’s the great time to start something new, or re-commit to something that might already be part of your day: GRATITUDE.

It’s never too late or too early or too busy or too difficult or too anything to start a gratitude practice.

Gratitude is the gateway drug to happiness.

This was one of the practices that my course participants practiced this week and it’s amazing to hear the shifts that come immediately.

The more I focus on gratitude the more I find to be grateful for….

The more specific I get in my gratitude the stronger the feeling…

Since I started with my gratitude practice I’ve had so many amazing synchronicities happening….

Life is never black or white, it’s never either or but both and more. No matter what you are going through right now there’s always so much more to be grateful for than not. Even if you’re struggling right now I bet you can find at least 1 000 things to be grateful for. I’m really not kidding! Your eyes, your ears, your lungs… water, air, sun… love, relationships, connection… trees, flowers, ocean… books, knowledge, free resources… freedom, safety, home… I could go on and on and on and on.

But I want to challenge you to start practicing being aware of all the blessings all around you. The practice is simple and you can try it out for the rest of March. If you don’t like it, drop it. We’re gonna write gratitude lists, morning and night. Five things. Three rules;

  1. Come up with new things all the time. No repetition.

  2. Be specific; What part of your home are you grateful for? Why is this relationship so awesome? What about your job are you liking extra right now?

  3. Feel the feeling. The trick is to really sink into the feeling of gratitude. I call is taking a dip in the gratitude jacuzzi. Enjoy the feeling of gratitude and watch how it affects the rest of your day.

I hope you feel inspired to try this one out with me! As you well know, nothing changes until you change and everything changes when you do so just do it and evaluate beginning of April.

With all my love,