The boundaries to responsibility

Most things I do in my business is about taking full responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions and by doing this realizing the power we have to create the life we want - Pure Personal Power.

I see a lot of people not willing or able to take full responsibility for their life and happiness and therefore getting trapped in victim mode not finding their way out. I want to inspire these people by showing there’s another way.

I also see a lot of people being too prone to responsibility and therefore claiming it for things that are way out of their own scope. Like how other people decide to live their lives. Or the choices made by their family member or friend or politician on TV… I want to inspire these people to set clear boundaries for themselves.

When we step into our power by taking full responsilbity for our own thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions, we also need to learn how to set boundaries and not take responsibility for other adults’ thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions. Because, that’s not our business.

When people do bad things, we can show up to support them in making a better decision for the future but we can’t take responsibility for what they did. When someones repetitive bad choices has led them down a path that they don’t want to be on but don’t want to take the consequences, we can show them love and compassion but not take on what is theirs to deal with.

We are somewhat responsible for each other, because kindness is everything. But we are not responsible for other peoples choices and here’s where boundaries are kind.

Learn to see the difference between what’s on your side of the table and what’s not. Take full responsibility for your shit and let others take their. I love how Danielle Laporte puts it: Soft heart, big, fucking fence.

With all my love,