100% commitment

I heard this somewhere the other day and I haven't really tried it out for myself but it makes sense. So often we say we will try to do something. But at the same time we say we will try we're also implying that we might not actually do. We're not fully committed. At the same time we won't know beforehand if we will succeed. But how much of our success is linked to our commitment in the first place? 

It's easier to commit 100% to something than 99%. Because 99% leave room for doubt, for incessant mind chatter, for ambivalence. 100% leaves room for nothing. 

Say meditation for example. Most people say they want to try meditating every day and see how it feels. So, they try it. Some days it fits in the schedule, some days it doesn't and because the 100% commitment isn't there so much energy is wasted on debating in their mind whether or not today is the day for meditation or not. According to this theory it would be easier to just commit and say I'll do it, just as most of us actually get up in the morning, we brush our teeth and we eat when we're hungry. Just do it. 

I don't know but I will for sure try. I mean, I'm 100% committed to trying :) 

What do you think? 

With all my love,