Hustle is not my thing

We live in a world where hustling and grinding is considered the norm if you want to be successful. I really don't buy it. It's not true for me at least. I've never experienced great success in my life by hustling and grinding. Sure, I've had my periods of 60-80 hour weeks and it landed me a prestigious career. I had the great pay, the car and the awesome benefits. But I had no freedom. And success without freedom is not success to me. 

It's less about the hours and more about the posture of the heart. - Rob Bell 

It's the actions I take in alignment that have the greatest impact on my business. I've spent countless hours in my first years of business doing what I thought I should. It has resulted in nothing. 

I'm absolutely willing to work hard for what I want, but I'm more interested in working smart. I do what I love and I love what I do. I know I'm deserving of this. This is my success story. 

What does success mean to you? 


With all my love, Helena

With all my love, Helena