Why can I help? 

I’ve studied behavioral science and have more than 10 years of experience in helping employees, managers and businesses reach more of their potential. I’m a licensed career coach and have done countless trainings in yoga, psycho synthesis therapy, The Work, EFT, leadership, raw food, Spirit Junkie Masterclass, meditation and I’m a “Balance Inspirer” with the MediYoga Institute in Stockholm. I’ve done years of therapy and coaching of my own. And ultimately, I know that it’s my own life journey and experience that has taught me the most. 



Coaching is one of the most powerful tools to tap in to your inner strength. You have the answers inside! As a coach, I guide you to find them. I mix different tools and exercises with my own experience and resources to empower you take responsibility for your life and find your power. You have a great potential to create the life that you want, let me show you how! 

I coach face-to-face in Stockholm or on Facetime from anywhere in the world. Book your Discovery Session here

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”To be coached by Helena is to be met where you are. She gave me perspective while I also got closer to myself. After each session new insights showered over me. I warmly recommend Helena as a coach!”


“Helena is an amazing coach who walks the talk. She's engaged and empathetic towards your unique journey. She supports and encourages you on your path and helps you celebrate your progress"


“To be coached by Helena is one of the greatest decisions I've made for myself. She's given me practical tools to implement what I "knew in theory" to enable me to live a life with more balance and harmony. She is truly inspiring and humble."


courses and workshops

Workplace stress reduction program: More potential

This program is developed together with Petra Ervanius, coach and CBT therapist. We work together for about 2 months and use the tools of mindfulness, MediYoga, mental training and cognitive behavioral therapy to change patterns and increase balance in yourself, your team and workplace. Read more here

Bye stress! Welcome balance! 

We meet for two hours every week for 7 weeks to practice the tools of mindfulness and MediYoga and share experience and reflections in the group. You get homework based on the theme of the week and together we lessen the stress and increase the feeling of balance in your everyday life. Contact me for more information about the next course start.

Tools for balance in a hectic life

A workshop where you get simple tools for balance that you can use in your everyday life. By experience based learning you will practice MediYoga, meditation and mindfulness, learn more about holistic health and personal leadership. Contact me for more information about the next workshop.

develop your self leadership 

This full-day training focuses on self-leadership, personal efficiency and the basics of mindfulness at work. Click here for more info. 

”This is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time!”


“What Helena has conveyed through her experience and wise words have given me insights that will help me live a more harmonious and balanced life.”


“This is a course where you learn simple tools and techniques that, with practice, are immensely powerful, both physically and mentally.”



I’m an experienced speaker and I really love inspiring other people to be the best they can be! My talks focus on the topics of personal development, holistic health, personal leadership and stress management. I mix teaching with inspiration, exercises and meditations according to your specific needs.  Get in touch and let’s discuss how I can tailor my talk to fit your expectations. 

”Helena did a fantastic talk about finding your power and taking responsibility for your life. The message was clear: Befriend yourself!”


“Thanks for a professional and positive talk. Mixing constructive advice with personal experience gives a lot of inspiration.”


“Helena has a very interesting story and is a really inspiring speaker. It's amazing what we can achieve by changing our perspective and attitude!”