Beloved reader

Changes are on the way. I need to switch it up. I want to erase boundaries. I want to reach out. As you know, writing is my passion. I need it. It’s like oxygen for my soul. I started blogging in Swedish, then changed to English, then translated everything back to Swedish again. I need to change my mind again. And it’s okay. So, this is the way forward for me, for now.

I’m building a new website where the translation button will be easy to find. The book is a real manuscript now, although not nearly finished yet. It will get more time. I want to feel really proud about it. And vulnerable. And clear. But it will come. In time.

I hope you still want to follow me on this journey and that I will still be able to inspire you in small bites. I love so much hearing back from you, knowing that some of my words had an impact on you.

For exciting times to come!

With all my love,


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