Would you be okay to die today?

This might be a provocative question to you but I think it’s a good one to reflect on. Measuring not on what you’ve done but who you’ve been.

Have you seen? Have you experienced? Have you given? Have you lived?

I really don’t want to die yet or for a long time to come, and I know that I have a lot to do here still, for many, many years to come. But just thinking about it today I wouldn’t have any regrets. I would know that I lived, that I tried, that I dared and that I gave – to the best of my ability at any given time.

It doesn’t mean that everyday is rewarding or productive or even meaningful, right then. It just means that I choose life, over and over again. I choose to expand. I choose to experience. I choose to share and give and participate. Sure, I have areas where I hold back and where I’m not brave enough, but I’m consciously working on that to get closer.

It’s not about what you do or what you have, it’s who you be. Are you living in your potential?

With all my love,