Is there unconditional love?

I’ve been tackling this question for as long as I can remember. Whether or not there is such a thing as unconditional love? That we can trust that we’ll always be loved by some people no matter what we do. The reason I think it’s been so big with me is because the option, love being conditioned, has been hard for me to swallow.

It’s particularly been in periods when I’ve been really sick and not really having anything left to give to someone else that this has come up for me. I was scared that I would stay in that state for too long and that people eventually would start leaving, simply because I didn’t have anything to offer.

I definitely don’t have this figured out yet, so this is me reflecting on the page, but some things feel quite clear today. Also after having this conversation with so many people.

  • Some people will love you for who you are and not for what you do. That means that if you are incapable of doing things for them, they will still love you, for being the soul that you are. And probably just because of that, you have a soul connection, that is deeper than this physical form.

  • Unconditional love between humans does not exist. If you treat people like shit for years and years, they will eventually leave you. We love people conditionally, either because of what they do, who they are or how they make us feel. If all this turns into fear, it’s no longer love.

  • Love is always there for you. And therefore unconditional love between spiritual beings does exist and love never ends. It’s an energy that is always there, at the core of who and what we are. It might shift and change, but love is love is everywhere.

To turn this into everyday. We love each other because we do. Sometimes we stop loving each other, because the love exchange is no longer there. But love is still there for us, always. Sometimes it moves through people that we surround ourselves with. Sometimes it move within. Sometimes it moves through nature, or animals, or the sky. Love is unconditional. You are love.

If you would reflect on the page on love, what would come out?

With all of my love,