Invest in the help that you need

I see so many people spending money on clothes, or interior design or even travel, but not in themselves. Yet, they feel miserable in their clothes and homes and vacations because they don’t have the relevant tools and practices to befriend themselves.

Let’s be a part of that paradigm shift. When you feel good about yourself you don’t NEED any of that stuff. You might WANT it as a bonus but your happiness does not rely on it. That’s where we need to go.

I’ve never ever regretted investing in my own personal development, and I’ve done A LOT. Even if some investments have been deeper and some more shallow, they’ve still given me invaluable experiences that I’ll remember for life.

You are all you have. Spending time on getting to know and befriending yourself is the best investment you can make. Do you agree?

With all my love,