I've missed you!

It's been too long! I've been so focused on other things that I've forgotten how much I love writing on a regular basis. Writing without pressure. Writing for the love of it. Writing to understand myself better. And hopefully, writing to support you. 

There might be some changes to the blog in the fall but for now, I'll keep on writing. Because of the love I have for it. These are my thoughts and feelings. This is a part of my universe. I will probably post Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, just like I used to, but we'll see how it flows. Right now, writing in general is what flows so that's what I'll do. 

With all my love, Helena 

With all my love, Helena 

I'm living in alignment and the blog is following me

Dearest reader,

I know you haven't heard from me in a while, and if you've followed me for some time you know this happens about once a year. I write very consistently for months and then all of a sudden, I need a break. I'm on that break now for several reasons; 1. I'm focusing a lot of my energy on a bigger writing project that I will tell you all about really soon. 2. I'm discussing with a partner of maybe moving the blog and all this has gotten me a bit distracted from this space. 

If you want to hear from me almost daily, check out my Instagram where I write almost the same as here. 

And, you know, as always, I'd love to hear from you! 

With all my love,


Flow writing

Did you know my book is out?! You can find it here. It's something I'm really proud of so I hope you like it! 

The subtitle of the book is Tools to collect on a healing journey so a lot of the book is just that, tools. A lot of them are flow writing exercises. 

I love flow writing because it lets the part of me that always wants to achieve things rest for a bit. My flow writing is usually really messy. Sometimes I just write and through it away (or burn if I'm in that kind of mood) but other times I go back and look it through. 

I heard a good indicator of where flow writing tend to go from Tim Ferriss; when you write, get 100% out, when you go back, now that no more than 5% will be worth saving. It's of course not a strict number you have to follow but I think it indicates something important. 

We're so used to always producing quality, useful content for others to see or for ourselves in the future. Letting that notion go once in a while is really useful. So, whenever you feel overwhelmed or confused, go do a brain dump. Knowing it's not for the keeps, it for the dump in itself. 

And, just a side note, if 95% of what comes out is not useful, remember that this might actually be an accurate reflection of your monkey mind in general. 

With all my love,