Blessing in disguise

There is an old Sufi Story about Ling Pu Jang who lived on a mountain.

Two of his horses broke free one day and some farmers came from the village to give their condolences for his loss. Ling Pu Jang just answered: How do you know this is a loss? 

The two horses joined with a herd of wild horses and led them back to Ling Pu Jangs farm. The farmers came back to congratulate him for the great fortune. Ling Pu Jang just answered: How do you know this is a blessing? 

One of his sons where to tame of the wild horses but was thrown off and broke his leg. The farmers came back yet again to say they where sorry for the misfortune. Ling Pu Jang just answered: How do you know this is a misfortune? 

A couple of weeks later war broke out and all young men where called to fight in the deadly war, except Ling Pu Jangs son, because he had broken his leg. 

We will never know beforehand what blessing could be disguised in our loss or misfortune, just trust that there's something better to come. I so often meet people that witness that the worst thing that ever happened to them turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Same for me. 

With all my love,

Trust there's a meaning even if you can't figure it out

I believe there's a meaning to all things that happen. I also believe that believing is a choice that I've made. Our left brain combined with the ego can really run the show if we let them, so I make conscious choices about what I want to believe and when I've made the choice I get to witness my belief grow. 

A belief is nothing but a thought we keep thinking and we can decide what thoughts we want to feed. It's pretty amazing when you think about it. It means we really do create our own reality. Two people in identical circumstances can witness the world profoundly different, all because of the beliefs they foster. 

This doesn't mean I always easily find the meaning even though I believe it's there. Most of the time I get to connect the dots looking backwards, but sometimes I don't understand. That's okay. That's when I conclude that the simple meaning of what happened could just have been to distract or delay me from something that wasn't meant for me. 

I believe there is a meaning to everything. What do you believe? 

With all my love,