victim mentality

Practicing the pleasure principle

I heard it in a wedding speech for the first time and I realized that the woman giving the speech actually did practice the pleasure principle in her own life. She took responsibility for creating pleasure in her everyday life.

This is the idea: Life can be hard and pain is part of it. But we don’t need to build an altar for suffering. Pain will find you when it’s time. Your job is to live and enjoy your life as best you can all the times in between.

Pleasure can be anything you want or need; smelling your tea, beauty on your plate, a good song, a walk in nature, an extra long hug or closing your eyes on the subway. That’s your job. Giving space for love.

But a lot of people do build altars for their suffering. They feed themselves with fear-based news. They dwell in their problems by telling everyone about it without actually moving forward or getting constructive about it. They hold on to resentment with the belief that the other needs to deserve forgiveness. They put their focus on what’s not working and let their ego feed off the victim mentality.

We all have a choice here. Who are you? Who do you wanna be?

With all my love,