Keep your expectations general

I notice that I have a natural attitude of having a positive perspective on the future. I always expect the best. Sure, I might worry about something coming up next week or be nervous about something but in general, I expect all my dreams to come true. I know that's not reality for everyone and I'm so grateful for this attitude. 

However, it creates really high expectations. Sometimes they're not fulfilled. It hurts. Yet, I don't want to lower my expectations because they're so sweet in the meantime. At the same time, it's the gap between expectations and reality that creates unhappiness. These are two of the solutions I've found to this paradox, so far:

  • Be general and more emotional based in your expectations. Don't latch onto details or to what other people should or shouldn't do. Keep it to a feeling and to the things that you yourself can actually do something about. 
  • When the expectations are no longer in the future, but in your present moment, let them go and be with what is, no matter what that might be. 

Do you agree? How do handle expectations that make you trip in the present? 

With all my love,

Be alone as if with others. Be with others as if alone.

I don't remember where I heard this expression first, but I really love the idea.

Be alone as if with others. For me it means having integrity also when I'm alone. Being impeccable with my words, also towards myself. Act in ways that I'm proud of. Take care of myself, others and the planet, also when no one is watching. 

Be with others as if alone. This means being truly, fully me, in all circumstances. Sure, I will choose to show different parts of me in different contexts, but always, be me. Share vulnerably. Set boundaries.

What does this idea mean to you? Are you? As if with others when you're alone? As if alone when with others? What does that concept practically mean in your life? 

With all my love,