When words are not enough

We live in a society all wrapped up in the left brain thinking. Logical, rational, expressable (not sure that last one is even a word, but never mind). I've always been a person of words. I've always loved writing, talking, singing - expressing myself. But I've come to realize, in this last year of exploring my own high sensitivity, that some things are difficult to put into words. 

I try and try but somehow there's a disconnect. There are some things I just can't explain. I've resisted this and tried again. I'm learning now to accept this. Sometimes I meet people that know exactly what I mean, and that's a relief. We talk with our hearts. 

I think we spend far to much time wrapped up in our logical mind, when we really are spiritual beings with our mind and our words as some of the tools we have to express ourselves. I understand now why yoga is such an important outlet for me, why 5rythms keep drawing me in, why I need more community in silence. My heart wants to talk now. Heart, you're welcome to center stage! 

With all my love,