What do you need in order to heal?

How often do you ask yourself that question? We so often look outside for answers that reside inside. No one else knows you how you do. No one else knows your body better than you. 

Sometimes when I mention this people get scared; No, that's not right, my doctor knows what I need and how to fix this. My therapist knows how to make me feel better. My mum knows what to do. This expert just wrote an article on the subject. 

I'm sorry to break it to you; you can't delegate the responsibility for your own life to anyone else. Sure, doctors, therapists, mums and experts may have more current information on the subject, they may have experience that you don't and they may be particularly wise, but still, the responsibility stays with you. And sometimes, most times, you know what you need. 

Take advice, information and insight from others, and then, ask yourself: What do I need in order to heal? 

With all my love,