I asked for a human experience

I believe I was part of the decision of coming here. To this earth. To this experience. At this time. It was a deliberate decision from my soul to go here now to learn what my soul needs to learn. To grow and expand. 

And in that process, I specifically asked for a human experience. 

Humans have flaws. Humans have raging emotions. Humans have fears and egos and judgements. I asked for all of it. Because I wanted to see if I could transcend. Not avoid, transcend. That's a big difference. 

And even though I feel myself evolving everyday (though sometimes it might feel like I'm going backwards) I'm still human and that's what I'm here to experience. 

There are no enlighten people, there are only more and more enlightened moments. And in between those moments, I'm happy with the bumpy ride that is this human experience. 

With all my love,


Everything is progress. Progress equals happiness.

What if this is true? Does it ring true to you? 

If everything happens for a reason, if there's a meaning to every event, then everything is progress. What if we are here to grow and learn and all experiences help us do just that, then we're always progressing in our development. 

Advancement in our soul is what we're here for, that's what makes our soul happy, advancement is progress. Therefore progress equals happiness. 

What do you think? 

I don't know that this is true, but I like to believe it is. We will never know anything for certain as long as we are here, that's one of the perks or pitfalls of life, so, we might as well decide what we want to believe. 

I believe we all have an ego mind that plays a lot of tricks on us. I believe we have a soul that is so much wiser. Sometimes we mix them up. That's okay. We're all human. It's all progress. Progress equals happiness. 

With all my love,


It's in connection that we know our soul

I'm all about connecting in, listening and closing our eyes to the world so that we can open them up to our inside world. We need that. But we also need the opposite. Connection out, listening to others and really opening our eyes to the outer world. 

We're meant to connect with others, no human thrives from isolation. Sure, isolation is short periods can be really benefiting to the individual because we get a chance to quiet down, listen in and connect to ourselves. To really know and meet ourselves. But, sometimes we do this better with others. 

The trick is to find the balance. Dare to pause and be with ourselves, to then go out and share what we've learned with others, and listen to their insights. 

Have you found your balance? Connection to yourself and to others? 

With all my love,