sliding doors

Own your choices

The ability to make conscious choices is one of our greatest superpower. We're constantly making them but mostly unconsciously. But remember this, you are the sum of your choices. All the choices that you have made so far in your life has taken you here. It's not only the really big ones that matters, the small ones also shapes your life. 

Remember the movie "Sliding doors"? Gwyneth Paltrow plays a character who in one scene misses the metro and in a parallell scene she catches it. We get to follow her life as it unfolds totally different in the two versions where she either caught the metro or missed it. This is all of our lives, there are no coincidences. 

Your life unfolds depending on your ability to make choices and follow guidance. Small, daily actions directed in the way you want to go will form your life. Sure, life might interfere and cast you in a totally different direction, but, nonetheless, there's your choice again - what do you do with this unplanned event? 

With all my love,