People act on the outside what they feel on the inside

No one feels good being mean. No one comes to this earth with a mission to hurt other people. Only hurt people hurt people. 

This goes for you too. When you notice you're getting off at other people, playing the blame game of going into victim mode. Take a look inside. What's going on? What needs to be felt, or mended, or dealt with? 

The outer world is only a reflection of our inner world. That's why nothing changes until we change and everything changes when we do. It's up to each and everyone of us to look inside for the answers first. To take responsibility for our actions. Being able to respond. 

I believe everything gets better with love. It's my absolute experience and even though I haven't always followed my own advice in the past, I'll try my best to do so in the future. 

Next time someone is mean or rude to you, try to understand what's going on inside of them. It's not your responsibility to fix whatever is going on but maybe you could support them somehow to make both of your lives better? 

Next time you notice yourself being mean or rude to someone else or even to you, try to understand what's going on inside of you. It is your responsibility to fix whatever is going on and you can support yourself to make your life better. And the people around you will benefit from it too. 


With all my love, Helena 

With all my love, Helena 

Responsible for all of it

What would happen if you took full responsibility for everything in your life? 

Actions, reactions, thoughts and feelings. All of it. This doesn't mean that you take responsibility for anyone else's actions because that's not your responsibility, it means you take responsibility for your reactions to their actions. 

If someone did you wrong - how do you respond? It's actually not the other persons responsibility if you choose to carry resentment by not forgiving. Nor is it their responsibility if you choose to react by trying to get even. That's your responsibility and your choice. 

If you go through a rough time and get caught in victimhood and can't find your way out. Do you stay there and get bitter or do you get the help you need to get yourself out and back to your empowered self? 

I'm not saying any of this is easy, I'm just saying it's possible. And my claim is also that your life will improve when you make the conscious choice to always lean towards empowerment and out of victimhood. 

With all my love,


What do you need in order to heal?

How often do you ask yourself that question? We so often look outside for answers that reside inside. No one else knows you how you do. No one else knows your body better than you. 

Sometimes when I mention this people get scared; No, that's not right, my doctor knows what I need and how to fix this. My therapist knows how to make me feel better. My mum knows what to do. This expert just wrote an article on the subject. 

I'm sorry to break it to you; you can't delegate the responsibility for your own life to anyone else. Sure, doctors, therapists, mums and experts may have more current information on the subject, they may have experience that you don't and they may be particularly wise, but still, the responsibility stays with you. And sometimes, most times, you know what you need. 

Take advice, information and insight from others, and then, ask yourself: What do I need in order to heal? 

With all my love,


What about you?

It's easy to get lost in other people's wrong-doing, but it's a tricky place to go because we can't really do anything about it. Sure, we can give the other person some feedback and we can ask for a change, but we can't make the change happen if the other person don't want to change. 

A much more empowering choice is to look back at ourselves, where we have all the power. If you're annoyed at someone being pushy in the subway, how are you acting in the subway? If you dislike how someone else is treating you when they're stressed, how are you acting when you're stressed? If you are looking for a person to brighten your day, how are you brightening someone else's day? 

To take responsibility for what we can actually change is not about blaming ourselves or validating another's every behavior, it's about empowering where we can. Be the person you want to see in the world. Put all your energy into being the best person you can be and you'll soon see the world change around you. 

With all my love,


Curiosity saved my life

I did a speech the other day on this very theme, how curiosity saved my life. Even though it sounds like a flashy tagline I believe it's also the truth. I think curiosity has saved many people's life. They say it's the opposite of depression and depression kills so when curiosity shows up your probably on your way out of the really dark woods. 

For me, it was when my doctors seemed to have given up on me that I magically got a hold of my own curiosity Thank God for that. That's when I took the power over my life back by taking responsibility for all in it. That's when I started investigating alternative solutions. That's when I curiously started listening to my inner guidance system.

I wouldn't have found my way out if it wasn't for curiosity. I never take it for granted and I so enjoy the feeling! 

With all my love,