See how far you've come!

What goals did you have for your life five years ago that has now become a reality? What dreams did you have for your life growing up? What are all the things you have today that you wished for 10 years ago? 

Remember when you where studying and wished you could go out for lunch without worrying about the money? Or when you where longing for those meaningful relationships that you now have? Where there a time when getting a permanent job was the ultimate goal? Or did you use to long for a symptom free day down the line? 

Whatever you wished for in the past, some dreams will have become a reality in your reality. Are you noticing? Inevitably there will always be things you lack, if you choose to focus on them. But there are more things to be grateful for and appreciative of, always. So many people in this world wish they would have what you have.

Today, celebrate yourself! The things you strive for will still be there, but, for today, see how far you've come! 

With all my love,


Suffering without catharsis is wasted pain

The quote is from Elizabeth Gilbert, one of my main mentors, and a interview she had with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday. They were discussing the hero's journey and the unavoidable change that comes from struggles in our lives. 

I do think that pain is inevitable and that suffering is optional. Optional, however, does not mean, it's very easy to move away from it. We are having a human experience, and so, we suffer. But both our pain and the suffering our resistance creates, come bearing a message. There is always a hidden treasure in pain. 

We get the lessons we need in life to evolve and change into the people we need to be to do what we need to do. If we resist the change, however, the same lesson will come again, but in a different shape. 

So, next time life serves you lemons, ask yourself this: How do I need to change right now? What do I need to learn? Then, be as diligent student as you can. Learn with curiosity. And remember, the only constant is change. 

With all my love,


Not every day is special

When you look back at your life, what are the days that stand out to you? What days will live with you forever? What moments will always be remembered as something extraordinary, very special? 

When I think back like this it's not all good memories that come back to me. Some of those days that I really remember are not very pleasant memories. And some, are just so sweet. But this is how it is, both and more. It's more often the extraordinary days that stays on our mind, whilst all the ordinary days just pass us by. 

But what if the ordinary is the really juicy part of life? What if the not so special days are the ones that are really special in the end? I hear many people at the end of their life reflecting back on their lives and longing back to the ordinary days. Same when something really tough happen and everything is turned upside down, what do you long for then? The ordinary. 

Don't go looking for the special days. Enjoy the ordinary ones and try your best to notice the small and very ordinary miracles in all of them. 

With all my love,