Heaven and hell is right here

What if heaven and hell is nothing but a mind construct? What if they're both part of the human experience? What if we are so afraid to go to hell that we create hell right here? 

Some say religions are for people who don't want to go to hell and spirituality are for those who's already been. - Rob Bell 

This rings so true to me. I believe we can create heaven or hell right here. It's not about our circumstances, it's about how we perceive our circumstances. I gave up on religion partly because of the concept of hell. I don't think anyone deserves to go there, but I do believe that some people create it for themselves in this lifetime. For a while they drag others into their personal hell, but it's up to every individual whether they want to stay there or not. 

Heaven is right here. That's where I choose to live. 

With all my love,


Religion or nothing at all?

What do you believe? Sometimes I hear people talking as if there where only two options, either you join one religion and buy everything linked to it, or you don't believe at all. If those where the only two options, I would reluctantly join one of the major religions. But, it's not the only choices you have. I say choice because I truly believe it's a choice we make, cultivate everyday over time, and then, we realize we've built the trust we need to believe. 

The choice you always have is spirituality. No strings attached. A spirituality where you find the answers and guidance inside, not externally. There are plenty of knowledge, insight, inspiration and experience to get from others on the subject, but ultimately, your spirituality is your own. 

I believe religion steams from the same source as everything else, but it's formed by people who wanted a manual for life and by power structures that wanted to control. It's all the same. What if you where allowed to form your own spirituality, by listening in and by leaning to forums and conversations where you can ask the tough questions and get others perspective to inform and inspire you? What if you are always carried through life? What if there's a power greater, that give you all the power you need? 

With all my love,


The real meaning of sin

For a couple of years during my teens I was a part of Christian community through I choir I was singing in. As I remember it, focus was sin. Probably not correct but this is how I remember it and as a consequence of this shame focus I left religion all together. Today I have a stronger spiritual connection than ever in my life and I've also reevaluated the meaning of sin. I didn't need religion to do that. 

God doesn't want us to sin because it hurts us. That's it. We are not meant to sin because it hurts. I heard someone say, I think it was David Brooks, that sin is when we get our loves out of order. We love a lot of things in our lives. We love life, we love truth, we love being liked, we love food, we love to belong, we love nature, we love being of service. All these loves have an order though, for us to feel good. So when, we gossip, we've confused the order of our love of belonging and our love for truth. Our love for truth is higher so when we gossip to belong we betray our love for truth. When we abuse nature to get to eat what we want we feel bad because we love both but we love nature more and by exploiting it to get the other love, food, it doesn't taste as good as it could. 

What do you think of this? The reasoning can get a little confusing maybe, but still, the meaning is the same. Sin is not betraying God, it's betraying ourselves. We can do it as much as we want, but life is more comfortable when we don't. 

With all my love,