Every feeling fully felt is bliss

Joseph Campbell said that. Oh, I so agree. Suffering comes when we resist. Which we do. We're human. 

What if we could just be with our anger, without judgement, resistance or regret. What if we could just feel our sadness. Deep. Raw. True. Shame can be truly transforming if we look at it and dare to share. 

I woke up the other day with anger bubbling from within. I meditated on it. I felt it through my body with yoga. I wrote it out. And eventually, I just let it be. No resistance. It's okay to be angry. And not fully understand why. I forgave myself in every moment of anger. Over and over again. And after a while, it transformed. The day ended up being full of real conversation, creativity and beautiful coincidences. 

I promised myself years ago, to never smother a belly laugh. For most, it's easier to fully feel, so called, positive emotions, but still, I used to suppress my laughter, when I didn't feel it was "appropriate". Today, I cry in public. Both from belly laughing and from sadness. 

With all my love,