Stop striving for happiness

In the pursuit of happiness. I'm all in this with you. I write about it sometimes and I talk about it often. But it's not all about happiness. It's also about living. 

What if the goal would be feeling alive rather than feeling happy? What if we're in this human experience to do just that, living, no matter what that entails. 

You know what that they say; people rather be hated than ignored because that means someone actually care enough to have an opinion at all. The same way we might rather feel really tough feelings than feeling nothing at all. 

We're here to live and to experience and that sometimes means rough patches, that's alright, we're still living through them. There's no failure in being unhappy, it's part of the human condition to sometimes feel this way. What's closer to a failure is not living at all, because then we missed the purpose of the whole thing. 

So, embrace life, feel whatever you need to feel. And maybe you'll notice, that happiness comes to visit a little more often, when you stop resisting what's far from it.

With all my love,


For a reason, for a season

I don't know who first mentioned this to me but I think it's a brilliant reminder. Everything in life comes to us for a reason and for a season. This is if you believe there is a meaning to everything that happens in life. 

Take the relationship that ended for example. You met, you bonded, you shared and you learned. Then something happened and the relationship ended. If you believe in meaning, there's a reason for this as well, your season is over. 

Not all relationships are meant to last a lifetime. I believe we have soul contracts with many people in our lives and we meet to learn and share experiences, and when we've learnt what we needed to learn, the relationship will end. Some relationships will last a lifetime, and those are important teachers. But, at the same time, sometimes we learn more from someone we meet on the street for ten minutes than we do from a lifelong relationships. That's all good. 

But remember, it doesn't have to be a bad thing when a relationship ends. It might very well have played out it's purpose. For a reason, for a season. 

With all my love,