Everything is progress. Progress equals happiness.

What if this is true? Does it ring true to you? 

If everything happens for a reason, if there's a meaning to every event, then everything is progress. What if we are here to grow and learn and all experiences help us do just that, then we're always progressing in our development. 

Advancement in our soul is what we're here for, that's what makes our soul happy, advancement is progress. Therefore progress equals happiness. 

What do you think? 

I don't know that this is true, but I like to believe it is. We will never know anything for certain as long as we are here, that's one of the perks or pitfalls of life, so, we might as well decide what we want to believe. 

I believe we all have an ego mind that plays a lot of tricks on us. I believe we have a soul that is so much wiser. Sometimes we mix them up. That's okay. We're all human. It's all progress. Progress equals happiness. 

With all my love,


My stop doing list for November

I read this idea at Danielle Laportes blog just a while ago and I've been pondering what mine would look like. I really love lists and nothing is more satisfying to me than ticking off the box. My task is done! 

But the art of prioritizing asks us to also make conscious choices as to what not to do. Especially when we keep stacking things to do. So, since I just made my activity list for November, and, yes, it's ambitious, here's my stop-doing-list to go with it. 

  • Get lost in social media (no more than 10 minutes three times a day)
  • Comparing myself to other people (this post summarizes it perfectly)
  • Snoozing (I know how much better I feel when I get to my meditation space right away)
  • Trying to help people who don't want my help 
  • Working with people I don't really like 
  • Looking for external validation to my internal progress 
  • Eating with distraction 
  • Trying to change other people 
  • Focusing on the lack in relationships that are tricky (focusing on the good parts will give me more of just that)
  • Getting into action before alignment 

So, there you have it. Ambitious this one as well, but also, so comforting to just read. What does your stop-doing list look like? 

With all my love,