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My course is launched again (and anything is possible!)

Alright, I know, I know, this is a course in Swedish and I’m writing to you in English (when will I ever figure out this language thing?!) but I still want you to know a few things:

  1. The cart is open for my four week online course on Personal Power until May 15th. Early birds (signing up latest May 11th) get a signed book in the mail. For my lovely Swedish speaking readers, find all you need to know here:

  2. You can change the world. You are changing the world. You being here. Doing your thing. Your energy is affecting everyone around you, what energy do you want to send out?

  3. I was so sick I didn’t really have a future. Yet, here I am, 7 years later, creating online courses from what I learned on my journey. When I don’t really know what to do practically I google it. When I don’t really know what to do spiritually, I ask my intuition. Anything is possible.

  4. There’s so much more great stuff happening in the world than the bad stuff. Turn your head towards the light, fill yourself up, then be of service to whoever needs you. (The opposite; feeding on the negative and then being too drained to even help yourself is not how we’ll “save the world”.)

  5. There are no rights or wrongs. Only consequences. I recently finished Marie Forleos B-school. It was a great training but it also triggered my inner critic big time because I’m not writing, marketing or doing much of anything in my business the way you “should”. I figured flow is the way to go and any possible consequences of choosing flow over “businesslike” I’m more than willing to take because my alignment means everything.

If you’ve been reading my stuff lately I’d love to know: Have you noticed a difference? What do you like in my writing? What don’t you particularly like?

Thanks for reading all the way to here and most of all, thanks for being invested in being you.

With all my love,


How to not lose your footing in times of stress

Don’t do what I just did ;)

Sometimes you really do teach best what you most have to learn. Meaning, all the things I talk about here, with my coaching clients, in my newsletter, on Instagram, at my talks, in my workshops and elsewhere are the things I most need to hear myself. And I guess that’s a good thing: I’m human too. Well, that’s a relief isn’t it? Haha!

I’ve been in a bit of an overwhelm for the last few weeks. It’s not really that I’m stressed, it’s just that my mind makes up all these stories of me not having enough control (=lack of faith in life in general), that I’m not enough (=forgetting my intrinsic value by just being born) or doing enough to better this world (=taking responsibility for things that are not mine to carry).

See the common thread of all those statements: enoughness. Some say that the core wound of every pain or problem in our life is the fear of not being enough. Not being worthy of being here. If we could just focus on healing this wound so much else would resolve as well.

I don’t have a one-size-fits-all-solution to this issue, cause there aren’t one. I just wanted to address it and remind you that, if you’re in a similar place as well, you are not alone. And to say I’m sorry for being absent last week due to above mind trap. And also, to let you know that I just opened the registration to my online course (in Swedish). It closes on May 15th - if you wanna know more - go here.

With all my love,


Never stop learning, always be kind

As we’re on the home stretch of my online course the theme and common challenge for my participants is getting clear: Kindness as we learn. Change can be uncomfortable although it’s happening all the time.

The course participants are on a journey of discovering and re-discovering some of the most powerful practices of staying in the driver seat of their own life. Avoiding victim mentality, where powerlessness resides, and finding joy in the moment and gratitude for it all.

Our inner critic easily awake as we learn something new. She’s often resting as we go about our day, doing things as we use to, following the routine, staying in our comfort zone. But as soon as we get out there, stretch, live fully or try something we’ve never done before or something we might have “failed” at before, she becomes wide awake.

What do you think you’re doing?

You’ll never make it!

Who do you think you are?

What if you fail?

But truth is, these are your options: Either you succeed or you learn. Because everything is progress. Success can be sweet but truth be told, we usually learn more when we don’t. So why do we fear failure if we’re here to learn in the first place?

It probably has evolutionary explanations, as do all of our fearful thoughts. But remember this sweetheart, you’re all grown up now and you can take care of yourself. So the dreaded exclusion for the group that your inner child is fearing, that will probably never happen in the first place, is not the end of the world. It might actually be a blessing in disguise. Because that too, is an opportunity for growth.

What’s most important in life class is self-compassion as we practice. Self-compassion as we grow. Self-compassion as we “fail”. You can have your own back. And if you need some extra support, I got you too.

With all my love,