The debate about what's healthy

If you ask ten people what they think is healthy you will probably get ten different answers. It's a highly subjective thing. Or it's a media thing. Or it's a current research thing. Or it's a trend thing. Whatever, it varies. 

To me, health is love. It's common sense and it's individual. 

Hating the way your body look and therefor dragging yourself to the gym to do something you don't enjoy is not loving, therefore not healthy. 

Blaming your body for its flaws and punishing it with shutting off its signals (your symptoms) with suppressants is not loving, therefore not healthy. 

Loving you and loving the tool you got to express yourself here (your body) is the way to a healthy life. 

Listen for the signs. Ask for the guidance. And love what is. No matter what is. Because the opposite will never take you to wherever you want to go. You can't force yourself to true holistic health, but you can definitely flow there, with love. 

With all my love,




Self-compassion when you don't like yourself

We all have good and bad days. I find myself needing to remind myself that that's okay, also for me. I'm not that special. And on those bad days, I find that my greatest tool is self-compassion. It's interesting to me that this is quite a new realization and I'm okay with that. 

I've been really good at loving myself when life's smooth and easy but I have a tendency to judge and criticize myself when I'm not in a good place. Isn't that funny? And not very fruitful. 

Love me the most when I deserve it the least for that's when I need it the most. 

I grew up with this saying but I had forgotten about it and it's just recently that I truly realized that it also applies to myself. And the same goes for you. 

Are you good at this? Loving yourself the most when you feel you deserve it the least? Love is always the answer. It's the light at the end of the tunnel. Grateful to always be learning. 

With all my love,


Progress on boundaries

As you know by now, this is a big subject in my life right now. I haven't practiced that much before, so I'm learning now. One big aha that a friend said the other day helped lay another piece of the puzzle for me: You don't set boundaries against others, you set boundaries for yourself. 

That was big for me. I'm not showing resistance, I'm not working against anything or trying to push away. I'm simply doing something for myself when I set boundaries. I do it because it's important to me. Because I am important to me. It has nothing to do with the other person.

When I violate my own boundaries I'm sending signals that something else is more important to me. With consistency people also learn that it's okay to overstep my boundaries, and eventually, all over me. I've said it before and I say it again. Boundaries can be loving. Boundaries are an expression of love. 

With all my love,