Magical thinking

We're so caught up in our logical thinking that we easily forget that that's just a glimpse of it all. Did you know that only 5% is conscious thinking and knowing, the 95% are in the subconscious. Just imagine what's going on there and beyond.

If you experience mystery, try to enjoy it rather than understand. If you see magic in your day, take it in and relax with it without trying to make sense of it all. 

Life's not logical. The universe is so much more than our logical minds could ever grasp. The more you understand the more you will understand that you don't understand. It's all good. Let go of the logical thinking and rely on the magical.

With all my love,


Feeling machines

I heard Cheryl Strayed in an interview say this and I totally agree: "We're feeling machines who knows how to think, not thinking machines who knows how to feel." That's where we got it all wrong, thinking our feelings are just a bi-product and our left brain thinking gets center stage. 

I know I talk about this a lot right now but it is what's going on a lot for me. And that's where I always start writing, that's why I write in the first place. To process, reflect and analyze what's going on in my own life. Hopefully it speaks to you too. 

We think we make logical decisions but most of them are driven by emotions. We believe that we can objectively assess a situation when everything in our life is highly subjectively processed. 

How do we navigate this logically centered world where we actually don't fit in? Well, one way for me is to let my intuition lead the way (often speaking through emotions) and then find logical arguments for one or the other decision. While most of our 35 000 decisions a day are obviously unconscious and driven by our subjective past and emotional memories. 

We're not going to change our societal structure in one full sweep, but I do see a lot of hubs of different thinking, or I should probably say, different feeling. It's a paradigm shift of enormous proportions, but I'm certain that we'll see a very different world in the future. One where emotions are regarded for what they really are and a world where all of humanity (and everything living on this earth) fits better in. 

With all my love,


When words are not enough

We live in a society all wrapped up in the left brain thinking. Logical, rational, expressable (not sure that last one is even a word, but never mind). I've always been a person of words. I've always loved writing, talking, singing - expressing myself. But I've come to realize, in this last year of exploring my own high sensitivity, that some things are difficult to put into words. 

I try and try but somehow there's a disconnect. There are some things I just can't explain. I've resisted this and tried again. I'm learning now to accept this. Sometimes I meet people that know exactly what I mean, and that's a relief. We talk with our hearts. 

I think we spend far to much time wrapped up in our logical mind, when we really are spiritual beings with our mind and our words as some of the tools we have to express ourselves. I understand now why yoga is such an important outlet for me, why 5rythms keep drawing me in, why I need more community in silence. My heart wants to talk now. Heart, you're welcome to center stage! 

With all my love,