listen in

Listening in

You learning to listen to you is so powerful. You have everything you need inside. Don't wait your whole life to figure that out, just listen to all the ones who's gone before us who tell you that it's true. And here comes the paradox, only you can listen in to you to figure out if listening to you really gives you all the answers. 

I did this exercise with my own coach the other day where she asked me some questions and I wasn't to answer with words but with bodily sensations. Wow! That was powerful. 

When I write letters to my intuition I usually wait and listen, and I honestly can't explain how it happens but all of a sudden I have an answer. And I know when it's my intuition because of how it makes me feel. Also, the wording is different from my intellectual minds language. 

Meditation is probably the most common way of listening in. Not latching on to the mind chatter, but slowing down the pace to hear something else. 

Whatever you do and however you do it, just give it a try, please. And I promise I will continue my practice as well, because I can tell you this much, my mind sure likes to think! 

With all my love,


I know you know

I so often hear this from people; I don't know! Sometimes I counter with; What if I told you that you do know? Something shifts in their eyes, maybe just a small twinkle. 

We spend so much time searching outside of ourselves for the answers to our most pressing questions. Who am I? What am I supposed to do with my life? Should I do this or that? Is this person right for me? 

But, what are we looking for outside in the first place? Logical arguments? External validation? Other people's opinions? The mind thinks and the heart knows. So, stop thinking so much about it, surrender a little and listen in instead.

Sometimes, when I propose to friends or coaching clients they do know, the most divine answer comes. The kind of answer that your mind wouldn't logically construct. The kind of answer that is truly heartfelt. Sometimes it doesn't work that fast. But it does work. You do have the answers inside. I know you know.

With all my love,