The stranger in you

Every new seasons in our life presents us with new perspectives, paths and lessons. It requires us to be childlike, to see things with a beginner’s mind. In a way we’re strangers to ourselves. Our reactions might be new, just as our emotions and thoughts. As we grow we’re getting to know ourselves better, learning more about all the aspects of who we are.

This is not always comfortable. Because we like what’s familiar. That’s why we sometimes create subgroups of humanity of us and them, the others. Because what’s unfamiliar is a stranger to us.

What if we could realize the parallell between the stranger in ourselves and the stranger in others? Maybe we could embrace more of what’s different from us. Be childlike when we encounter the “strange”, use the beginner’s mind.

We’re never truly finished, and we will continue to learn and get to know more aspects of both ourselves, others and life for as long as we live. What if we could always remember this. And just as much, recollect all the things in our life that was once strange and unfamiliar that is now well known and safe. Either everyone is a stranger or no one truly is.

With all my love,  Helena

With all my love,


Don't let your ego take over

We all have ego. It's neither good or bad, it just is. But we don't want our ego to run the show all together. 

I did a high profile project recently. Right after I felt a sting of disappointment with myself. My ego laser focusing on the details I could have done differently. The things I should or shouldn't have said. So tiring. I realized this was my ego being caught up in a loop, chewing on its favorite chew toy, my performance and perfection. 

So, I deliberately chose to change focus. What was the feedback from the audience? How did my client feel about my delivery? Did I help someone? And foremost, did I do my best from my current circumstances? Was I aligned with my intuition? Was I acting out of love? Genuine appreciation, happy, yes, yes yes, yes. 

Your ego is there and will always be, but practice witnessing it, and, if it's all you learn to do, don't believe every word it says! 

With all my love,


You're just a bit too skilled at what don't work

If things aren't working out the way you wish they would in your life, maybe you're just too skilled at what don't work. It doesn't mean you're a failure, it just means you need to figure out how to be equally skilled at what does work for you. 

You can learn anything. You can be anyone you want. But you need intention to consciously move in the direction you want to go. Don't just move through life without intention because intention is everything. What's your intention for the new year? 

When you've set your intention make sure you develop your skills in the right area and get really good at what does work for you. It sounds really simple. And it is. 

With all my love,


Befriending your triggers

What if we would change our perspective on triggers? What if they are actually there to teach us something we need to know? What if it's a really good thing they don't go away until we've learned what we need to learn? 

That colleague that always trigger you to get so annoyed. The family member that always knows how to push your buttons. Those kinds of people that just pisses you off. Everyone is your teacher. 

That situation that you always find yourself in, that just gets you so upset. Those circumstances that seems to be yours for life, that you just want to get out of. That place that just makes you feel uncomfortable. Every situation offers something new to learn. 

Embrace your triggers. Look at them with curiosity. Thank them for catching your attention. Then ask yourself; what do I need to learn here that I haven't yet figured out? 

With all my love,