law of attraction

Here's an experiment for you

If you follow me on social media you know I'm currently doing a wonderful course with Jess Lively. It's all about flowing with intention, law of attraction and alignment. It's life changing in many ways. If you would choose to go down this path, it's a total paradigm shift. 

We're used to wait for things to happen to get to feel what we want to feel. According to the law of attraction (which is also scientifically proven at this point) we need to reverse this order. First, you feel what you want to feel, then things start happening - the things you want that is. Because, you attract what you are. 

For the next couple of days, try this: get into alignment before you do anything. Alignment is basically feeling great. (And, if you're in a rut right now, don't sweat it, be compassionate with yourself and try this another time.) Make sure that the first things you do in the morning are things that you love and that makes you happy. If it means you need to get up a bit earlier to have time for what you love, then go ahead and get to bed earlier. If you can't come up with anything, try a rampage of appreciation, meaning writing out things that you are grateful for (preferably 5 pages of it). 

Watch how your day unfolds when you've taken charge of your initial state. Let me know how it goes! 

What if every thought you think would come true?

I truly believe in the law of attraction and I think science is catching up too. Whatever we focus on grows. It's all energy. We attract what we are, not what we think. And still, we are what we repeatedly do. We do what we repeatedly think. Are you aware of the climate in your own mind? 

What if every thought you think would come true? Would you like the outcome? 

We have around 65 000 thoughts a day and up to 95% of them are the same as yesterday. Most of them are autopilot thoughts and thus low in energy. What we focus on grows. What we don't focus on, like autopilot thoughts, are just, eah. So, just start noticing where your energy goes when you think. What lights you up? What makes you mad? What frustrates you? What excites you? Do you want all of that or do you want to start redirecting some of your high energy thoughts to that which you actually do want manifested in your life? 

Just some food for thought. I'm gonna watch my thoughts today, and refocus when I need to. 

With all my love,


You attract what you are, not what you want

You knew this. But in the face of a new year I think we all need a reminder. Sure, daily action. Sure, goals with soul. Sure, small, daily steps. Sure, action speaks louder than words. But still, the law of attraction looks at what is. Who are you today? Are you ready for everything you've ever dreamed of? If it all showed up today, would you be fit to receive it? 

Focus rather on being what you want to receive than simply wanting it. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur - how would you be? If you want to go to that dream destination - how would you be? If you want that relationship - how would you be? How would you be once you're at your goal? Then go be just that, right now. 

With all my love,


Ask for what you want

Every thought you think is a request to the universe. If you believe in the law of attraction this is how it works. Or, not exactly, you need to trigger the emotion of what you want, not only think it. But still, focusing on lack, attracts more lack. 

We don't need to be in full positive thinking every waking hour of the day, because that's not realistic, we're human after all. But in your "in-between" time, when you're not upset about something and neither super happy, watch your thoughts and emotions triggered by them. 

As long as you keep on focusing on the job you're not happy with, the relationship you don't have or the money you're lacking, this is what you're attracting more of. Spend your downtime daydreaming about all your dreams coming true. Re-align yourself by appreciating the small stuff in your everyday life and take a dip in the gratitude jacuzzi.

Watch your mind as it wanders and redirect it to an abundance mindset. This is true, there is enough for everyone! Ask for what you want and act as if it's already yours. 

With all my love,