See how far you've come!

What goals did you have for your life five years ago that has now become a reality? What dreams did you have for your life growing up? What are all the things you have today that you wished for 10 years ago? 

Remember when you where studying and wished you could go out for lunch without worrying about the money? Or when you where longing for those meaningful relationships that you now have? Where there a time when getting a permanent job was the ultimate goal? Or did you use to long for a symptom free day down the line? 

Whatever you wished for in the past, some dreams will have become a reality in your reality. Are you noticing? Inevitably there will always be things you lack, if you choose to focus on them. But there are more things to be grateful for and appreciative of, always. So many people in this world wish they would have what you have.

Today, celebrate yourself! The things you strive for will still be there, but, for today, see how far you've come! 

With all my love,


You're more free than you think

It seems everyone is looking to be free. But do we really know what it is? Free with time. Free from judgements. Free from expectations. Free to speak. Free to act. Free to be whoever you want to be. Have you defined your own longing? 

What if you are more free than you think? What are the cages you've built around yourself? Are they really real? 

I think we sometimes feel caged when we're not. We use all the should's and have to's as excuses to hide from our own freedom. The change of perspective to need and want can give you the freedom you're seeking. You're responsible for your own life and your choices. This also gives you permission to let go of some of the things you feel are keeping you chained. That is if you want or need it, not because I say so. 

The lack of freedom we sense in our life is more something we keep affirming than any object reality. 

I've also been thinking a lot about whether total freedom is really something to strive for and something that really feels free, but more on that in another post. For now, reflect on what freedom means to you. And then, start affirming more of it in your own life. 

With all my love,


Ask for what you want

Every thought you think is a request to the universe. If you believe in the law of attraction this is how it works. Or, not exactly, you need to trigger the emotion of what you want, not only think it. But still, focusing on lack, attracts more lack. 

We don't need to be in full positive thinking every waking hour of the day, because that's not realistic, we're human after all. But in your "in-between" time, when you're not upset about something and neither super happy, watch your thoughts and emotions triggered by them. 

As long as you keep on focusing on the job you're not happy with, the relationship you don't have or the money you're lacking, this is what you're attracting more of. Spend your downtime daydreaming about all your dreams coming true. Re-align yourself by appreciating the small stuff in your everyday life and take a dip in the gratitude jacuzzi.

Watch your mind as it wanders and redirect it to an abundance mindset. This is true, there is enough for everyone! Ask for what you want and act as if it's already yours. 

With all my love,


My stop doing list for November

I read this idea at Danielle Laportes blog just a while ago and I've been pondering what mine would look like. I really love lists and nothing is more satisfying to me than ticking off the box. My task is done! 

But the art of prioritizing asks us to also make conscious choices as to what not to do. Especially when we keep stacking things to do. So, since I just made my activity list for November, and, yes, it's ambitious, here's my stop-doing-list to go with it. 

  • Get lost in social media (no more than 10 minutes three times a day)
  • Comparing myself to other people (this post summarizes it perfectly)
  • Snoozing (I know how much better I feel when I get to my meditation space right away)
  • Trying to help people who don't want my help 
  • Working with people I don't really like 
  • Looking for external validation to my internal progress 
  • Eating with distraction 
  • Trying to change other people 
  • Focusing on the lack in relationships that are tricky (focusing on the good parts will give me more of just that)
  • Getting into action before alignment 

So, there you have it. Ambitious this one as well, but also, so comforting to just read. What does your stop-doing list look like? 

With all my love,