Investing in yourself

Our relationship to money is more often than not complicated. It's a touchy subject for whatever reason. And it's definitely not evenly spread over the population. But, most people in my closest surrounding have enough to live and eat and even travel once in a while, but still it's complicated. 

I think we so often mirror the societies expectations or given "truths" and take them on as our own. How come we think it's not big deal to spend lots of money traveling to the other side of the world, but to invest in our own health through functional medicine is too much? When the one thing last for a week and the other could change your life quality everyday? How come we can spend thousands on that piece of clothing but when it comes to dealing with the demons in our own head we suddenly get cheap? 

Whenever I talk to potential clients about this I try to help them shift the perspective. The investment needed is foremost in themselves and not in me. And a lot of the time it gets down to worthiness. For some reason they feel worthy to invest in that new pillow case for the sofa but not in personal development. I'm not trying to promote my own services here, I'm just questioning the general assumptions of where it's okay to spend our money. 

What's that new kitchen worth when we still hate being in our own head? What's your take on this? 

With all my love,


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