People act on the outside what they feel on the inside

No one feels good being mean. No one comes to this earth with a mission to hurt other people. Only hurt people hurt people. 

This goes for you too. When you notice you're getting off at other people, playing the blame game of going into victim mode. Take a look inside. What's going on? What needs to be felt, or mended, or dealt with? 

The outer world is only a reflection of our inner world. That's why nothing changes until we change and everything changes when we do. It's up to each and everyone of us to look inside for the answers first. To take responsibility for our actions. Being able to respond. 

I believe everything gets better with love. It's my absolute experience and even though I haven't always followed my own advice in the past, I'll try my best to do so in the future. 

Next time someone is mean or rude to you, try to understand what's going on inside of them. It's not your responsibility to fix whatever is going on but maybe you could support them somehow to make both of your lives better? 

Next time you notice yourself being mean or rude to someone else or even to you, try to understand what's going on inside of you. It is your responsibility to fix whatever is going on and you can support yourself to make your life better. And the people around you will benefit from it too. 


With all my love, Helena 

With all my love, Helena 

It's in connection that we know our soul

I'm all about connecting in, listening and closing our eyes to the world so that we can open them up to our inside world. We need that. But we also need the opposite. Connection out, listening to others and really opening our eyes to the outer world. 

We're meant to connect with others, no human thrives from isolation. Sure, isolation is short periods can be really benefiting to the individual because we get a chance to quiet down, listen in and connect to ourselves. To really know and meet ourselves. But, sometimes we do this better with others. 

The trick is to find the balance. Dare to pause and be with ourselves, to then go out and share what we've learned with others, and listen to their insights. 

Have you found your balance? Connection to yourself and to others? 

With all my love,