Fear is love waiting to exhale

I'm so sorry I don't remember where I heard this but I really love it. What if fear is not the opposite to love? What if there is no opposite to love at all? What if love is all there is and sometimes it's just withheld or delayed for whatever reason? What if fear is just love waiting to exhale? 

Life is like the breath; the ugly with the beautiful; the tough parts with the ease; the in- and out. Without our judgements it's all the same. All important. All unimportant. Fear is not the absence of love, but just a block we create when we're blinded by the light, not feeling deserving or too caught up in the worldly drama. 

This thought truly soothes me. I want to stay there. What about you? 

With all my love,


Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?

Brendon Burchard asks these questions to himself every night and I think they are really powerful. They came to him in a near death experience, and even though it's sad that that's what it takes to finally get it, we can be wise enough to learn from others experiences. 

First off, though, I think it's important to define what the words mean to you, personally. When do you feel most alive? What ingredients does a life well lived have to you? 

How do you define love? When do you experience love? You know, love isn't anything anyone else can give us, it's an emotions that is evoked in us by different experiences or people. What evokes the feeling of love in you? In what circumstances and with whom? 

What does contribution look like to you? When do you feel like you matter? What days feel really meaningful to you? 

I know these are some really big questions, but you know me, that's where I dwell. So, give yourself some space to reflect on what this means to you and ask yourself: Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter? 

With all my love,