The debate about what's healthy

If you ask ten people what they think is healthy you will probably get ten different answers. It's a highly subjective thing. Or it's a media thing. Or it's a current research thing. Or it's a trend thing. Whatever, it varies. 

To me, health is love. It's common sense and it's individual. 

Hating the way your body look and therefor dragging yourself to the gym to do something you don't enjoy is not loving, therefore not healthy. 

Blaming your body for its flaws and punishing it with shutting off its signals (your symptoms) with suppressants is not loving, therefore not healthy. 

Loving you and loving the tool you got to express yourself here (your body) is the way to a healthy life. 

Listen for the signs. Ask for the guidance. And love what is. No matter what is. Because the opposite will never take you to wherever you want to go. You can't force yourself to true holistic health, but you can definitely flow there, with love. 

With all my love,




A stolen check-list for self-love and body confidence

I posted this in my Instagram story the other day but I think it's so important that it's definitely worth being repeated. Danika Brysha is an amazing role model in this society of fat-phobia and body paranoia. Health is not about size. 

  • DON’T follow people on here who make you feel like you aren’t beautiful (like, unfollow them, right now)
  • DON'T read fashion magazines that don’t use a wide variety of body types in their marketing and content
  • DON’T hang out with people who think it’s ok to talk negatively about their own body or anyone else’s body
  • DON’T attach your value as a human to the size of your pants or the number on the scale
  • DON’T have relationships with anybody who thinks that your body size has anything to do with your worth
  • DON’T say that “real women have curves/boobs/body fat/etc”. All women are real women..
  • DON’T wait for your life to start until you "lose/gain the weight"
  • DO practice positive affirmations daily - “I am glowing”, “I am healthy”, “I am light"
  • DO strive only to be the healthiest version of you, not specifically for weight loss or gain
  • DO believe that you are perfect and beautiful exactly as you are… and if this is too hard to do, just fake it until it becomes your truth.
  • DO fill your Instagram feed with a wide range of role models of all different body types
  • DO make healthy lifestyle changes because you know you deserve to thrive, not because you want to change something you hate
  • DO get out into the world and remind everyone that you, in your perfectly flawed body, can do and be and create anything you damn please

You are beautiful! 

With all my love,