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All of a sudden I felt okay with my body

I’ve had two photo shoots this week. Not that I do a lot of photo shoots but for various reasons two coincided in the same week. And it made me realize: I don’t hate how my body looks anymore.

I learned to love the function of my body during my healing journey and I’ve grown to respect it tremendously. It works its ass off every day to serve me. It does the best it can. And since 7 years back I also do my best to serve it back. We’re a good team.

Still, I didn’t like how it looked. As many women learn to not like the way they look. We’re daily fed with the idea that there’s something wrong with the way we look and that we need to fix that, with various products or diets or fixes. There’s a lot of money involved in the industry of making women feel as if they need to change the way they look. Like millions and trillions.

I’ve been part of that circus and probably somehow still am. But it was a huge realization the other day when I noticed I was actually enjoying being photographed as I focused on the energy I sent out. I wasn’t focused on how my tummy looked or if the angle was good for my thighs or to tense the muscles in my arms. I was totally relaxed, knowing that my worth is not in my looks and that I’m okay.

Nothing has changed with my body. A lot has changed in my thoughts about my body. I’m not sure which have been the main causes for me healing my relationship with my body (and don’t get me wrong, it’s still not a completely uncomplicated relationship). These are a few of the practices I’ve put into to place and I think they combined and over time have helped:

  • I’ve dug into the areas of #healthateverysize and #bodypositivity and listened to podcasts like FoodPshych with Christy Harrisson and Insta accounts like @danikabrysha, @bodyposipanda, @aerie .

  • I’ve unfollowed all the triggering accounts online. Content that makes me feel unworthy or makes me compare instead of inspire are gone.

  • I read the book “Women, Food and God” by Geneen Roth.

  • I’ve started questioning all the “truths” portrayed in media or in the beauty industry. I look for the source, I ask my heart, I select my intake.

I think body love is a gradual process and that it goes back and forth depending on where we’re at in life. But one thing is clear to me; looking a certain way that external sources tell me to look it’s not worth my peace, happiness and mental health. That’s it.

What are your best tips for healing your body image and start loving every part of you?

With all my love,


A stolen check-list for self-love and body confidence

I posted this in my Instagram story the other day but I think it's so important that it's definitely worth being repeated. Danika Brysha is an amazing role model in this society of fat-phobia and body paranoia. Health is not about size. 

  • DON’T follow people on here who make you feel like you aren’t beautiful (like, unfollow them, right now)
  • DON'T read fashion magazines that don’t use a wide variety of body types in their marketing and content
  • DON’T hang out with people who think it’s ok to talk negatively about their own body or anyone else’s body
  • DON’T attach your value as a human to the size of your pants or the number on the scale
  • DON’T have relationships with anybody who thinks that your body size has anything to do with your worth
  • DON’T say that “real women have curves/boobs/body fat/etc”. All women are real women..
  • DON’T wait for your life to start until you "lose/gain the weight"
  • DO practice positive affirmations daily - “I am glowing”, “I am healthy”, “I am light"
  • DO strive only to be the healthiest version of you, not specifically for weight loss or gain
  • DO believe that you are perfect and beautiful exactly as you are… and if this is too hard to do, just fake it until it becomes your truth.
  • DO fill your Instagram feed with a wide range of role models of all different body types
  • DO make healthy lifestyle changes because you know you deserve to thrive, not because you want to change something you hate
  • DO get out into the world and remind everyone that you, in your perfectly flawed body, can do and be and create anything you damn please

You are beautiful! 

With all my love,