Your negative emotions don't define who you are

In the pressure of constantly feeling good, doing good and living a happy life we sometimes try to look away from our negative emotions. As if they would define us if they show up too often. "I'm a sad person", "I'm the angry one" or "I'm guilty". There are no negative emotions. There are just emotions, and all of them need to be fully felt. 

Emotions are sign posts as to what we need to look at. Hey, there's some sadness here - go hang out with it for a bit and see what you need to learn. Or, get still and investigate the bubbling anger that you've been carrying around. The guilt might be showing you where you need to change or where you need to let go. 

Whatever, so called, negative emotion you are experiencing repeatedly, ask it some questions: Where did you come from? What do you want me to know? Is there anything I need to change in my life or relationships for you to calm down? What do I need to learn right now? 

Don't be defined by your emotions, just be curious as to what they are trying to tell you and show up for whatever is up.

With all my love,