The debate about what's healthy

If you ask ten people what they think is healthy you will probably get ten different answers. It's a highly subjective thing. Or it's a media thing. Or it's a current research thing. Or it's a trend thing. Whatever, it varies. 

To me, health is love. It's common sense and it's individual. 

Hating the way your body look and therefor dragging yourself to the gym to do something you don't enjoy is not loving, therefore not healthy. 

Blaming your body for its flaws and punishing it with shutting off its signals (your symptoms) with suppressants is not loving, therefore not healthy. 

Loving you and loving the tool you got to express yourself here (your body) is the way to a healthy life. 

Listen for the signs. Ask for the guidance. And love what is. No matter what is. Because the opposite will never take you to wherever you want to go. You can't force yourself to true holistic health, but you can definitely flow there, with love. 

With all my love,




I write to reciprocate the flow

I've been blogging for six years now. Patiently, playfully, persistently. Sometimes it's been everyday, sometimes a couple of times a week and since a few years three posts a week. Writing, writing, writing. 

If you've been following me for a while you know that the topics vary but it's mostly sharing recent lessons from my own life or just plain reflections. From time to time I'm behind in schedule and in those instances I feel a bit stressed about it but for the most part it's pure pleasure and it's just flow. I never read the posts after I've written them, I just let them go as they are. (So sorry for any misspellings or weird phrases)

I write to understand myself. I write to understand the world. I write because that's what I do. I write to reciprocate the flow of everything coming to me; inspiration, events, thoughts and ideas. I don't really know how not to write. 

However, on my quest for living in alignment and following flow and guidance I've decided to not be so strict with myself on the three posts a week thing. I don't want to live my life out of should and I don't want to force anything in my business. Maybe the schedule will stay the same, maybe it'll shift from week to week. I don't know yet, that's sort of the point. 

Anyhow, just wanted to let you in on my thoughts around this. I would love to hear yours! What do you like about the blog? What would you want to see more or less of? Is the schedule important to you? 

Til next time!
With all my love,

The signs are all around you

We are constantly being guided. Small signs, nudges, directions and hunches are all around us. Are you awake to notice them or are you waiting for the brick wall to fall until you wake up? 

I believe there are forces in and around us that wants what's best for us and that are constantly guiding us to the next best experience to further our expansion. It starts as a whisper. If we're wise enough to listen we don't need the alarm going off before we react. 

Are you awake? 

With all my love,


Own your choices

The ability to make conscious choices is one of our greatest superpower. We're constantly making them but mostly unconsciously. But remember this, you are the sum of your choices. All the choices that you have made so far in your life has taken you here. It's not only the really big ones that matters, the small ones also shapes your life. 

Remember the movie "Sliding doors"? Gwyneth Paltrow plays a character who in one scene misses the metro and in a parallell scene she catches it. We get to follow her life as it unfolds totally different in the two versions where she either caught the metro or missed it. This is all of our lives, there are no coincidences. 

Your life unfolds depending on your ability to make choices and follow guidance. Small, daily actions directed in the way you want to go will form your life. Sure, life might interfere and cast you in a totally different direction, but, nonetheless, there's your choice again - what do you do with this unplanned event? 

With all my love,


It's supposed to be unclear

"If the path before you is clear, you're probably on someone else's path." - Joseph Campbell 

I love this quote so much. We're not supposed to having it all figured out. We're not supposed to know what our life will look like in ten years. We're supposed to take one step at a time and have a clear vision of which direction we want to take but not seeing the whole path. 

This prayer that I used to recite as a child brings the same message: Guide me on my way Lord, I need not know the path, just give me light enough to see the next step.

In this day and age we always try to control and plan everything, never seeming to learn that we really can't. Looking back at your life ten years ago - did you honestly think you would be where you are today? Has everything gone according to Your plan? Probably not. Life works in mysterious ways as they say. We don't always get what we want but we always get what we need. I truly believe that. You decide for yourself if it rings true to you.  

So let go a little, relax into your life. Ask for guidance and take the next step. Have a vision for your future but surrender control. Trust. 

With all my love,