Future you will catch you

I heard this beautiful quote from Elizabeth Gilbert the other day and it really stuck with me:

Fall if you must, the woman you are becoming will catch you. 

So good, right? Some say that life doesn't get easier, we just get stronger. And I think that is true too. We're constantly growing and looking back we'll all discover so many things we used to freak out about that are now part of daily life. 

If we make a conscious choice to move forward, no matter what life presents us, our comfort zone will automatically grow. We will expand in experience and consciousness. You have survived every day of your life so far, so no matter what you are going through, you will make it. The future you will catch you. If you fall, maybe you'll grow wings. 

You can take care of you. I know you can. And you can invite others in. You can ask for help if you want. But ultimately, you have the resources, internal and external to grow through anything. 


With all my love, Helena 

With all my love, Helena 

Focus for instead of against

We so often put our focus on whatever we don't want. We join groups against. We talk about our problems. We resist where we don't want to be. Sometimes I think we loose track of what we do want in focusing all our attention on what we don't. 

What you focus on grows. 

It's as simple as that. When you focus on what you're against you'll get more of that kind. So what do you want? What are you for? How can you grow whatever you are in favor of? How can you focus all of your attention in the direction of your dreams and all that is working in your life? 

I'm not saying we should grace over whatever is difficult in our lives. When we're in crisis we need to deal. But most of the time we're not in crisis, we're just living our everyday life. Where's your focus on all of these days? For or against? 

With all my love,


Trust there's a meaning even if you can't figure it out

I believe there's a meaning to all things that happen. I also believe that believing is a choice that I've made. Our left brain combined with the ego can really run the show if we let them, so I make conscious choices about what I want to believe and when I've made the choice I get to witness my belief grow. 

A belief is nothing but a thought we keep thinking and we can decide what thoughts we want to feed. It's pretty amazing when you think about it. It means we really do create our own reality. Two people in identical circumstances can witness the world profoundly different, all because of the beliefs they foster. 

This doesn't mean I always easily find the meaning even though I believe it's there. Most of the time I get to connect the dots looking backwards, but sometimes I don't understand. That's okay. That's when I conclude that the simple meaning of what happened could just have been to distract or delay me from something that wasn't meant for me. 

I believe there is a meaning to everything. What do you believe? 

With all my love,