I asked for a human experience

I believe I was part of the decision of coming here. To this earth. To this experience. At this time. It was a deliberate decision from my soul to go here now to learn what my soul needs to learn. To grow and expand. 

And in that process, I specifically asked for a human experience. 

Humans have flaws. Humans have raging emotions. Humans have fears and egos and judgements. I asked for all of it. Because I wanted to see if I could transcend. Not avoid, transcend. That's a big difference. 

And even though I feel myself evolving everyday (though sometimes it might feel like I'm going backwards) I'm still human and that's what I'm here to experience. 

There are no enlighten people, there are only more and more enlightened moments. And in between those moments, I'm happy with the bumpy ride that is this human experience. 

With all my love,


Behind every negative behavior hides a fear

Back to the basics, there is only love and fear, and fear is not real.

People that are happy with themselves, feel loved and valued, live in accordance with their values and take good care of themselves have no reason to behave poorly towards another human being. That's the truth. And the same goes for you. And me. 

Sure, sometimes we haven't slept well and so we snap at the bus driver. Or we haven't eaten in a while so leave our partner with a mean comment. But if we go to the root of who we are and why we're here; we want to do good. And we want to be good. To others. To ourselves. To the world.

If we fail with this it's because we're afraid of something. What's your fear? 

With all my love,

The Holy Instant

When you are totally present in the moment without judgement, worry or fear. 

When completely surrender to your inner guidance system. 

When an ancient hatred becomes a holy love. 

When you release your ego-based thought system and accept your inner guide's loving thought system. 

When you are actively listening to another person without your own agenda. 

When you chose love love fear. 

When you decide to take your hands off from your eyes and realize you're already in the light.

That's the Holy Instant. It's always there for you. But sometimes you will forget. It's okay to forget. Just always get back to truth and choose the Holy Instant. 

With all my love,


Fear is love waiting to exhale

I'm so sorry I don't remember where I heard this but I really love it. What if fear is not the opposite to love? What if there is no opposite to love at all? What if love is all there is and sometimes it's just withheld or delayed for whatever reason? What if fear is just love waiting to exhale? 

Life is like the breath; the ugly with the beautiful; the tough parts with the ease; the in- and out. Without our judgements it's all the same. All important. All unimportant. Fear is not the absence of love, but just a block we create when we're blinded by the light, not feeling deserving or too caught up in the worldly drama. 

This thought truly soothes me. I want to stay there. What about you? 

With all my love,


Feeding happiness

There are countless different theories on emotions and how many baseline emotions humans have. One of the most prominent is Robert Plutchik's wheel of emotions that identifies eight basic emotions; joy, sadness, trust, disgust, fear, anger, surprise, and anticipation. More recent studies from Glasgow have narrowed this down further to only four irreducible emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, and fear.

Where wired to look out for trouble. That's how we've survived this far. Out of the four irreducible emotions three would be classified as "negative"; sadness, anger and fear. Whereas happiness is the light energy one. Sadness, anger and fear will all visit us from time to time during the course of our lifetime, we don't need to feed them. We need to feed happiness though, some say we even have to work for it.

It's not a race or a competition, still, we need to make conscious choices of where we want to wander when we're at baseline in our lives, when things just move along. How do you feed your happiness? Do you know what actions, people and circumstances help you get there more often? We don't need to run from the uncomfortable emotions, but we certainly don't need to chase them either, they always find us. 

I realize more and more that what I actually work with is mental training. In myself and in my clients. We program the brain to track and look for happiness, in the small things in life. Maybe I can help you too? 

With all my love,


The art of choosing love

I talk a lot about choosing love over fear, but sometimes I get questions that makes me realize that this is a really lofty concept. Here's one way to make it more tangible. 

Love is light and expansive. Fear is dark, heavy and contractive. Whenever you are experiencing and following an emotion that feels light and expansive, you are following love. Whenever not you're being lead by fear. It doesn't mean that it's all bad to be in fear, but we shouldn't be lead by it. 

When making a decision for example, make the choice that makes you feel expansive. For me, those kinds of emotions are longing, curiosity, excitement, joy or anticipation. When I feel those feelings, I know I'm choosing love. 

We need to feel the contractive emotions as well sometimes, but we shouldn't make life altering decisions or communicate too much with the outer world when we're in that state. Be there, and feel it, and when you've processed whatever needs processing, go out and live and produce and share again. 

This is no easy business to explain or riff on because there's both and so much more. But this is today's take. Let me know if you have another! 

With all my love,