I asked for a human experience

I believe I was part of the decision of coming here. To this earth. To this experience. At this time. It was a deliberate decision from my soul to go here now to learn what my soul needs to learn. To grow and expand. 

And in that process, I specifically asked for a human experience. 

Humans have flaws. Humans have raging emotions. Humans have fears and egos and judgements. I asked for all of it. Because I wanted to see if I could transcend. Not avoid, transcend. That's a big difference. 

And even though I feel myself evolving everyday (though sometimes it might feel like I'm going backwards) I'm still human and that's what I'm here to experience. 

There are no enlighten people, there are only more and more enlightened moments. And in between those moments, I'm happy with the bumpy ride that is this human experience. 

With all my love,


Deliberate living

This is a recurring theme in my life right now, as so here on the blog. Living deliberately. 

When you focus first on how you want to feel and learn how to create those emotions in your life, you can't fail. If you then act and don't reach the outcome you wanted it really doesn't matter as much because you felt the way you wanted to feel to begin with. Default living, as Jess Lively calls it, is when we act and wait for the outcome to decide how we get to feel and that's when we're always depending on outer circumstances of which we have very little control. 

The added bonus when you live deliberately is that when you first feel the way you want to feel you automatically attract more of what you want. Congrats! 

With all my love,

Every action creates a reaction

This is the law of the universe, we can't avoid it and we don't want to. We need to be aware. That for every action towards yourself or others, there will be a reaction.

If a painful reaction is neglected it might be like the hot potato that Glennon Melton so beautifully talks about. We treat pain as a hot potato, trying to pass it on to the other person when we're to scared to deal with our own pain.

Some people are the type that think they are really good at suppressing the reaction, with stress, suffering and, in the long run, disease as the consequence. 

We can't do anything about the laws of the universe but we can be aware of them and obey when needed. If you, or someone else, acts in a way that hurts you, deal with the reaction. Maybe you need to be extra kind to yourself and listen to the painful emotions. Maybe you need to scream into a pillow or hit something that don't hurt. Maybe you need to set up some really clear boundaries. 

And on the flip side, every loving action comes with a reaction of love. Remember this too. No loving act will ever go unnoticed. So, be aware, and make conscious choices about how you act and react. 

With all my love,


Feeling machines

I heard Cheryl Strayed in an interview say this and I totally agree: "We're feeling machines who knows how to think, not thinking machines who knows how to feel." That's where we got it all wrong, thinking our feelings are just a bi-product and our left brain thinking gets center stage. 

I know I talk about this a lot right now but it is what's going on a lot for me. And that's where I always start writing, that's why I write in the first place. To process, reflect and analyze what's going on in my own life. Hopefully it speaks to you too. 

We think we make logical decisions but most of them are driven by emotions. We believe that we can objectively assess a situation when everything in our life is highly subjectively processed. 

How do we navigate this logically centered world where we actually don't fit in? Well, one way for me is to let my intuition lead the way (often speaking through emotions) and then find logical arguments for one or the other decision. While most of our 35 000 decisions a day are obviously unconscious and driven by our subjective past and emotional memories. 

We're not going to change our societal structure in one full sweep, but I do see a lot of hubs of different thinking, or I should probably say, different feeling. It's a paradigm shift of enormous proportions, but I'm certain that we'll see a very different world in the future. One where emotions are regarded for what they really are and a world where all of humanity (and everything living on this earth) fits better in. 

With all my love,


The art of choosing love

I talk a lot about choosing love over fear, but sometimes I get questions that makes me realize that this is a really lofty concept. Here's one way to make it more tangible. 

Love is light and expansive. Fear is dark, heavy and contractive. Whenever you are experiencing and following an emotion that feels light and expansive, you are following love. Whenever not you're being lead by fear. It doesn't mean that it's all bad to be in fear, but we shouldn't be lead by it. 

When making a decision for example, make the choice that makes you feel expansive. For me, those kinds of emotions are longing, curiosity, excitement, joy or anticipation. When I feel those feelings, I know I'm choosing love. 

We need to feel the contractive emotions as well sometimes, but we shouldn't make life altering decisions or communicate too much with the outer world when we're in that state. Be there, and feel it, and when you've processed whatever needs processing, go out and live and produce and share again. 

This is no easy business to explain or riff on because there's both and so much more. But this is today's take. Let me know if you have another! 

With all my love,


Ask for what you want

Every thought you think is a request to the universe. If you believe in the law of attraction this is how it works. Or, not exactly, you need to trigger the emotion of what you want, not only think it. But still, focusing on lack, attracts more lack. 

We don't need to be in full positive thinking every waking hour of the day, because that's not realistic, we're human after all. But in your "in-between" time, when you're not upset about something and neither super happy, watch your thoughts and emotions triggered by them. 

As long as you keep on focusing on the job you're not happy with, the relationship you don't have or the money you're lacking, this is what you're attracting more of. Spend your downtime daydreaming about all your dreams coming true. Re-align yourself by appreciating the small stuff in your everyday life and take a dip in the gratitude jacuzzi.

Watch your mind as it wanders and redirect it to an abundance mindset. This is true, there is enough for everyone! Ask for what you want and act as if it's already yours. 

With all my love,


Your negative emotions don't define who you are

In the pressure of constantly feeling good, doing good and living a happy life we sometimes try to look away from our negative emotions. As if they would define us if they show up too often. "I'm a sad person", "I'm the angry one" or "I'm guilty". There are no negative emotions. There are just emotions, and all of them need to be fully felt. 

Emotions are sign posts as to what we need to look at. Hey, there's some sadness here - go hang out with it for a bit and see what you need to learn. Or, get still and investigate the bubbling anger that you've been carrying around. The guilt might be showing you where you need to change or where you need to let go. 

Whatever, so called, negative emotion you are experiencing repeatedly, ask it some questions: Where did you come from? What do you want me to know? Is there anything I need to change in my life or relationships for you to calm down? What do I need to learn right now? 

Don't be defined by your emotions, just be curious as to what they are trying to tell you and show up for whatever is up.

With all my love,