Awareness is the key

I was exploring this with one of my coaching clients recently and just got it affirmed yet again. Awareness is everything. When we are aware we can choose our response. When we're aware we have the foundation for change. When we are aware we we expand our freedom.

What is hidden from us is difficult to change. What we can't see we cannot remove. When we don't see our patterns we can't draw new ones. 

Many people feel that growing awareness is uncomfortable, because what used to be in the shadow is brought to the light. But we need to give credit where credits do. Awareness is the first and very large step in the right direction. 

So celebrate your growing awareness. Celebrate your courage to bring the uncomfortable to the light. Because this is where the fun starts - you can make deliberate choices as to where to go from here. Congratulations! 

With all my love,

Tough decisions

I'm all about effortless living, or at least flow living. I think we often make things much more complicated than they need to be. But at the same time, sometimes we need to make some tough decisions. 

"Either you make difficult decisions and have an easy life or you make easy decisions and have a difficult life."

I don't remember where I heard it first and I'm probably paraphrasing, but, still, there's something to it. Sometimes we need to make the difficult decisions to simplify our lives. We might need to end that relationship. Take the leap. Say no so we can say yes fully. 

I've been around people afraid of putting the foot down and making tough decisions and have witnessed first hand how messy it all can get. Decisions are not always easy, but they can lead to ease. 

With all my love,


The relief of the paradox

I've always been intrigued and frustrated about the both and more. My rational mind has always tried to figure out which one it is and find a way to stay with that. But in recent years I'm feeling more and more intrigued, and less frustrated. This is short excerpt from my book Pure Personal Power - tools to collect on a healing journey. 

Life is hard and beautiful. Pain is inevitable but you don’t have to suffer. What is difficult when life’s difficult is easy when life’s easy. Strive to always feel better and let go. Always focus on understanding others and set very clear boundaries. Have a clear vision of where you want to go and be where you are. We need other people and we need to be able to be alone.  Have faith that you are taken care of and do the work. Put yourself first and focus on service to others. Know your truth and be open to changing your mind. Set high standards and enjoy the simple things. Follow your heart and use your head.  Be fully in this world and know this is not all there is.

With all my love,