I asked for a human experience

I believe I was part of the decision of coming here. To this earth. To this experience. At this time. It was a deliberate decision from my soul to go here now to learn what my soul needs to learn. To grow and expand. 

And in that process, I specifically asked for a human experience. 

Humans have flaws. Humans have raging emotions. Humans have fears and egos and judgements. I asked for all of it. Because I wanted to see if I could transcend. Not avoid, transcend. That's a big difference. 

And even though I feel myself evolving everyday (though sometimes it might feel like I'm going backwards) I'm still human and that's what I'm here to experience. 

There are no enlighten people, there are only more and more enlightened moments. And in between those moments, I'm happy with the bumpy ride that is this human experience. 

With all my love,


The art of choosing love

I talk a lot about choosing love over fear, but sometimes I get questions that makes me realize that this is a really lofty concept. Here's one way to make it more tangible. 

Love is light and expansive. Fear is dark, heavy and contractive. Whenever you are experiencing and following an emotion that feels light and expansive, you are following love. Whenever not you're being lead by fear. It doesn't mean that it's all bad to be in fear, but we shouldn't be lead by it. 

When making a decision for example, make the choice that makes you feel expansive. For me, those kinds of emotions are longing, curiosity, excitement, joy or anticipation. When I feel those feelings, I know I'm choosing love. 

We need to feel the contractive emotions as well sometimes, but we shouldn't make life altering decisions or communicate too much with the outer world when we're in that state. Be there, and feel it, and when you've processed whatever needs processing, go out and live and produce and share again. 

This is no easy business to explain or riff on because there's both and so much more. But this is today's take. Let me know if you have another! 

With all my love,