daily actions

You attract what you are, not what you want

You knew this. But in the face of a new year I think we all need a reminder. Sure, daily action. Sure, goals with soul. Sure, small, daily steps. Sure, action speaks louder than words. But still, the law of attraction looks at what is. Who are you today? Are you ready for everything you've ever dreamed of? If it all showed up today, would you be fit to receive it? 

Focus rather on being what you want to receive than simply wanting it. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur - how would you be? If you want to go to that dream destination - how would you be? If you want that relationship - how would you be? How would you be once you're at your goal? Then go be just that, right now. 

With all my love,


What if your obstacle is your to-do?

Looking ahead into a brand New Year to come, most of us set goals in both business and personal life. I try to live by my Core Desire Feelings but still, I realize that concrete goals help me structure my business in a way that feels really good to me. 

Our goals sometimes feel far away or as if we can't reach them because there's too much blocking us. Too many obstacles. But what if the obstacles we perceive is just a to-do and not an obstacle at all. Let me give you some examples.

My goal is to write a book but I don't know how to write/ publish/ edit/ structure it so I can't. Therefore my first to-do is to learn how to write/ publish/ edit/ structure. 

My goal is to find a house by the water but I don't know where to find it/ don't have the money. Therefore my to-do is to ask someone if they know of good locations, good brokers etc/ figure out a way to save/ make the money I need. 

My goal is to heal my body to full functionality and no pain but I don't think I can/ don't know how it works/ don't believe in its ability. Therefore my to-do is to find inspiration, information and build the faith I need to tap/ leave room for the body's self-healing powers. 

Whatever goal your aiming at in the new year - don't focus on the obstacle, realize what you need to do to get there and take small daily action in the right direction. 

And just a reminder, make sure you get to feel today the way that goal would make you feel in the future. 

With all my love,


Own your choices

The ability to make conscious choices is one of our greatest superpower. We're constantly making them but mostly unconsciously. But remember this, you are the sum of your choices. All the choices that you have made so far in your life has taken you here. It's not only the really big ones that matters, the small ones also shapes your life. 

Remember the movie "Sliding doors"? Gwyneth Paltrow plays a character who in one scene misses the metro and in a parallell scene she catches it. We get to follow her life as it unfolds totally different in the two versions where she either caught the metro or missed it. This is all of our lives, there are no coincidences. 

Your life unfolds depending on your ability to make choices and follow guidance. Small, daily actions directed in the way you want to go will form your life. Sure, life might interfere and cast you in a totally different direction, but, nonetheless, there's your choice again - what do you do with this unplanned event? 

With all my love,